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Gerada set for NHS England role to 'transform' primary care in London

RCGP chair Professor Clare Gerada has been appointed to lead a ‘transformation’ of GP services in London when she steps down from the college next month.

A spokesperson for NHS England London Region told Pulse that Professor Gerada had been appointed clinical chair for primary care transformation in London, charged with improving primary care services alongside London mayor Boris Johnson.

The spokesperson said that the planned programme of work will be revealed over the next few weeks, but would be taking forward NHS England’s ‘call to action’ on reforming GP services launched earlier this month.

The statement from NHS England London Region said: ‘We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Clare Gerada to the role of clinical chair for primary care transformation in London.

‘NHS England has published a document entitled Improving General Practice – a call to action which sets the case for improving primary care services nationwide. As part of this national call to action, the London region is also mobilising a programme of work for the transformation of GP services in the capital.

‘This will be clinically led, with Dr Gerada playing a key role as clinical chair, and it will also incorporate a strong patient voice. NHS England will be working in partnership with the London Health Board, led by Boris Johnson, London Clinical Commissioning Council, the London wide LMCs, London Councils and the Royal College of General Practitioners.’

The spokesperson added: ‘Primary care in London faces unique challenges due to the diverse population it serves. NHS England are working to improve services across the capital, ensuring all Londoners receive the best care possible. Dr Gerada’s wealth of expertise will assist with this, and her appointment is great news for London.’

Professor Gerada is currently cycling from London to Paris in aid of The Royal British Legion - you can sponsor her here.

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  • The mice, though initially squeaking about the inadequacy of cheese around, were meekly led by the Pied Piper to the Thames waters. I re-read the comments to date thrice to make sure that there was at least one coleague in support of her, but could not find even one. Steve Fields and Clare Gerada. No conflict of interests at all there I am sure.

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  • I think claire gerada has been a fantastic RCGP chair. The fact she hasn't won many battles is a reflection of the medical profession's political weakness. Until we realise how easy it is for government to target us we will always be vulnerable

    There are potential conflicts of interest, especially with Hurley group stuff,but they are present for all partners.
    At the moment there are few people capable of fighting the move towards the privatization of the NHS, Claire Gerada be able to stop it. The government will obviously feel theycan use her to push their agenda. The tests will be to see how long she stays in post and then what she can achieve and is able to say. She is certainly no Steve Fields!

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  • Dr Gerada made some pleasing sound bites at one point but that does not mount to a "fantastic RCGP chair". Jeremy Hunt does this on daily basis - he even had the nerve to appear infront of GPs to tell us what a fantastic job we are doing despite his policies to be contrary.

    A fantastic chair should have chosen her battles carefuly and win many and loose a few, never blaming it on the politica/economical climate.

    It is not the conflict of interest the glassroot GPs are complaining about - it's her ambition and her willingness to sacrifice everything else, including her own intergrity, which stinks.

    I for one is ashamed to have her as our chair. I can only hope the public will not see us in the same status/money hungry light as Prof Gerada or Prof Field.......

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  • Anon 1.30; I think its fair to say the chair needs to choose their battles carefully. But we don't set the agenda, often she is firefighting and has made herself available and challenged the media spin as much as anyone can. Just compare her to Steve fields. Will the next chair be able to fight and correct the media as well as she has

    If anyone is set upon personal ambition I hardly think the RCGP is the place for it, surely ambitious types will be found in NHS England vying for real political punch!

    Surely our weakness stems from the apathy of the GP populous, too many are understandably busy and have have little interest in the direction of the profession, especially if part time and salaried?

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  • "If anyone is set upon personal ambition I hardly think the RCGP is the place for it, surely ambitious types will be found in NHS England vying for real political punch! "

    She has.......... and that's thw whole point! Gerada (and Field) have used RCGP chair as a political springboard which is why many of us here are disgusted.

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  • I believe that Clare tries to do her best for patients and GPs. I know this because she often discusses issues with fellow doctors on the Doctors Net forums.

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