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Local health leaders say NHS saving plans not credible

A survey of local health leaders has revealed that 60% do not believe the NHS can achieve savings targets set by the Government.

The Nuffield Trust survey showed an even higher proportion - 67% - did not think their own area has a credible plan to fulfil savings targets for the current year.

The Government has said it will plug just £8bn of the predicted £30bn NHS funding gap by 2020, leaving commissioners with the task to find £22bn worth of efficiency savings.

Recently, former NHS England chief executive Sir David Nicholson - who himself led the NHS through a large-scale savings exercise - said the financial pressures would lead to a ‘managed decline’ of the NHS, and the survey of local health leaders revealed 83% agreed with him.

One member of the panel, which includes 100 senior clinicians and managers across health and social care, said that on the back of efficiency savings already achieved ’opportunities to make yet more savings within this year will be very difficult to identify’.

Nuffield Trust chief executive Nigel Edwards branded the results worrying, highlighting that the targeted efficiencies are in areas where the NHS has previously failed to achieve savings, such as avoiding hospital admissions and reducing patient demand.

He said: ’It is worrying that a majority of members of our panel believe planned savings will be very difficult to achieve.’


Readers' comments (6)

  • efficiency = cutting staff, services, funding. we all know this.NHS doesn't spend £22b on paperclips now does it.

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  • Come on, what do local health leaders actually know what is going on. They'll be filled with fiction and poppycock by those meddling GPs and DNs. NHSE and JH - that's where the truth is…. (RCGP / GPC / BMA to remain tightlipped, nodding furiously behind new Govt plans - skydiving anyone?)

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  • get with the program - the SS NHS is 'inefficient' and by simply re-arranging the deck chairs and being innovative we can easily handle increasing demand with reducing supply. if only those greedy lazy doctors would work 24/7 for free there would be enough funds to provide little johnny with an xbox to help his 'attitude' problems.

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  • Only a misgovernment of the sublevel of the arrogant mendacity of this one could present a 22 billion cut as putting an extra 8 billion into the
    The dysfunction of our political system is incredible
    It is astounding that anyone voted for these evil liars

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  • If this was a genuine attempt to improve efficiency they would liquidate the wasteful inefficient destructive madness of pfi the internal market etc
    They are not the agenda is to line the pockets of their cronies in private health care . End of
    The only answer to these *urds is confrontation

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  • Efficiency = managers reducing resources and increasing workload on staff until they are past breaking point..... then blame those on the front line for the inevitable disaster that follows.

    22bn savings are simply not possible without a massive rethink on what services are provided.

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