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RCGP appointing 'ambassadors' to promote GP Forward View

The RCGP is advertising for a network of paid college ‘ambassadors’ to promote NHS England’s GP Forward View on local commissioning boards. 

The college will pay back-fill costs for GPs to attend one session a week - or a fee in the event that the GP is not in full-time employment - and will also have monthly meetings with college leaders.

Ambassadors will report to a newly created RCGP executive director for the Forward View, and will be expected to ‘help influence local planning activity’. 

The RCGP fully backed NHS England’s plan for general practice over the next five years, and are badged as a development partner despite concerns from other GP groups that the plan was weak on immediate support.

RCGP chair Dr Maureen Baker told Pulse the ambassador scheme was an opportunity for college members to ensure the 108 measures laid out in the Forward View were realised in the profession’s best interests. 

The ambassadors will be expected to work with the 44 boards set up across England to deal with ’sustainability and transformation plans’, the five-year strategies being developed by local authorities, CCGs and area teams. 

Applications are open until 31 May with prospective ambassadors expected to be up to date on the GPFV as well as the College’s own Putting Patients First campaign, and able to immediately start working with their STP.

The advert said: ‘In light of the college’s decision to engage closely with the development and implementation of NHS England’s GP Forward View, the college has decided to appoint a national (i.e. England) network of members to help influence local planning activity, support faculty engagement and identify service development opportunities.’

‘They will maximise the impact of the college’s thinking, advisory and developmental work on local implementation.’

Dr Maureen Baker, chair of the RCGP, said: ’The GP Forward View, which was developed in partnership with the college, is true recognition of the essential role general practice plays in keeping our health service sustainable by delivering high quality, cost-effective patient care.’

She said the Forward View offers a ‘lifeline’ for the profession, adding ’ it is important that we influence its implementation at both a national and local level’.

Dr Baker added: 'I would encourage any college member who wants to play a role in ensuring the 108 pledges for general practice made in the GPFV are realised, effectively and in the best interests of both our profession and our patients, to get in contact.’

The GPC welcomed the Forward View as recognition of the need for sustained investment in general practice, but stopped short of putting their name to it.

GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul has warned immediate action was needed to avert mass resignations by GPs.

The RCGP said anyone interested in becoming an ambassador should email

Rcgp gpfv ambassador

Rcgp gpfv ambassador role

Source: RCGP

Readers' comments (53)

  • Anytime the RCGP and any of its mouthpices offer an opinion its rather obvious that grassroots reject it because , more often than not, its absolute nonsensical claptrap.

    The RCGP are making themselves into a maligned and irrelevant organisation whose only function ,it seems , is to parasite off the profession and make ludicrous pronouncements most of which go against the reality on the ground and the opinion of the majority who struggle day to day, actually working in general practice.

    Its got to the stage where they seem so addled and deluded about the future of the profession that one begins to feel their is a genuine cognitive deficiency within its executive. its becoming more and more embarrassing by the day...... if you thought that confabulations such as "its never been a better time to be a GP" were bad, they seem to come up with another corker every other month.

    If the rcgp told me is was daytime i would actually have to check outside, if they shook my hand i would need to check that i didnt have any fingers missing. There needs to be a wholesale clear out of the executives that run this outfit for the sake of the future of british general practice because quite frankly enough is enough.

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  • I'm probably going to sound like a lone voice here, but at least I'm not anonymous (or paranoid). I can't help thinking we should maybe try and engage in this and at the very least try and turn this towards our favour. I agree with many of the comments before me, but I genuinely believe we are in a unique position to take this chalice, even if many believe it to be a poisonous one. We are one of the greatest professions around, and (maybe naively) I think that Simon Stevens understands this, but we can't carry on exactly as we are. So I think the College is right in engaging in this conversation in a constructive way.

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  • Let's not get personal against poor Maureen...
    Her post is coming to an end anyway...
    ? Elections for the next chair going on

    If the profession is unhappy with the RCGP ivory tower thinking
    Then bring back CCT certificates
    Mass resignation, vote of no confidence in RCGP exam

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  • Nabi, Copperfield, Pev, the LMC and most other posts seem to say just the opposite.
    My pay per item has fallen 50% in 10 years.
    But if Maureen and others think this Forward View will save General Practice, well, there you are then, problem solved.

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  • I don't get this. GPFV may or maynot be a useless proposal. RCGP may or may not be wrong about working with it. But it seems the only thing that seems somethings happening. The mass resignations etc 'all chat no action' I have been reading about for past 6 months. Is it not detrimental to patient care? Those who are disgruntled with their jobs can innovate, change or go abroad. Those who have huge mortgages and other struggles : this mass resigning option may not sound as the sweetest ones! What if the government calls the GPCs bluff and let the GPs who have resigned go private? Striking is not the answer to let an irrational bully government see sense suddenly. And it affects patient care. Again like one of my previous colleagues this is probably a very naive view and personal but I am not being anonymous and just sharing my current flow of thoughts. Happy to be corrected if I am completely wrong but to me RCGP is choosing to side with the lesser and the less insane of the two evils in my opinion.

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  • 1. everybody agrees demand is going up
    2. everybody agrees that supply is going down (real terms funding and staff)
    3. everybody (now) agrees we have a staffing crisis across the board - the NHS five year forward view is in recognition of this and JH and SS have come out to say they have recognized that General Practice has been starved of funds.
    4. one of the contributing factors to the Mid-Staffs scandal was staffing issues - if you do not look after staff (proper experienced staffing numbers) you will get poor care.
    5. the lengthening of waiting times etc demonstrates the public are already getting poor care right now
    6. the 5YF is a 'promise' that things are going to be done but is package to help primary care not GPs. The crisis is now and things need to done right now.
    7. the RCGP has decided to back the 5YF as they see there is no other option to 'save' the NHS and primary care.
    8. The GPC vote shows that GPs (who voted) realize that something needs to be done now and that the 5YF doesn't to anything for GPs.
    9. Things are going to get worse for individual GPs as locum costs are tackled, expenses goes up, more targets, income goes down, 7 day working, more expectations etc etc
    10. the 5YF will help some GPs but ignores a lot of frontline GPs for whom there is nothing to lose from leaving the NHS. For some GPs they will be better off in private independent practice. This is the reality.
    11. The 5YF is classic divide and rule.

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  • BMA, the only useful organisation that can do anything useful. My fee goes to the BMA.
    Now even harder to recruit as they become ambassadors.....

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  • I will be putting my name forward for this important role. I will happily go around the country telling doctors to avoid general practice in the UK like the plague.

    That is until we have more say in how we can look after our patients without the meddling from this pathetic, toothless college, successive governments, the CQC and all the other bodies who purport to represent us.

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  • What a dreadful job this is. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. If you are one of the deluded ones do a straw poll of your colleagues. Find out how many are taking SSRIs in this Shangri la. There is no hope. The forward view gives no one hope this misery will end.

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  • RCGP have become a part of the problem and not the solution.

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