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A faulty production line

CCG plans for GPs to offer 15-minute appointments for ‘complex’ patients

NHS Oxfordshire CCG has said it is aiming to move towards GPs offering 15-minute face-to-face appointments, which will be capped at 13 per session.

The CCG’s ’Primary Care Framework’ includes this aim, which it says will be used to benefit ‘complex’ patients, but includes little detail as to how they will achieve this. 

It comes after the BMA outlined proposals in its ‘Urgent Prescription for General Practice’ for GP appointments to be lengthened to 15 minutes and consultations to be limited to a target of 25 a day in a bid to stop general practice being ‘run into the ground’.

In the framework document, NHS Oxfordshire CCG says: ‘General practice will be…working to move to 15-minute face-to-face appointments with complex patients, where appropriate, (maximum 13 per session).’

However, it was unable to provide further details.

Following the publication of the BMA’s ‘Urgent Prescription’, GPC negotiator Brian Balmer said: ‘In a climate of staff shortages and limited budgets, GP practices are struggling to cope with rising patient demand, especially from an ageing population with complicated, multiple health needs that cannot be properly treated within the current 10-minute recommended consultation.’

At the beginning of this year Pulse revealed that the new Scottish GP contract, due to be phased in over the coming two years, will spell the end of the 10-minute GP consultation standard.

A BMA survey in 2015 found that more than 90% of GPs believe that 10-minute consultations are inadequate.

Readers' comments (7)

  • Neil Bhatia

    Presumably this will be achieved by means of this:

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  • Well done oxfordshire CCG. Makes me wish that I was working under that CCG.

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  • David Banner

    "Capped at 13"
    So where does the inevitable overflow go to? A&E? Where are the illusory hubs we were supposed to have? Where are the GPs to staff these hubs? As anger grows from patients blocked from seeing their GP for weeks on end, who will be blamed? We will end up seeing another surgery's worth of "emergencies" or face huge complaints, especially when patients denied access come to harm.
    Without a back up plan, 15 minute appointments will make our lives even more miserable.

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  • Good points by David Banner (Don't make him angry; you wouldn't like him if he was angry) at 1.49pm.

    Can someone define 'complex' as it is used above?

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  • National Hopeless Service

    Our CCG is going to give us Bentleys for home visits and Foie Gras instead of hobnobs.

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  • 'Complex ' is the crucial word which I suspect will make this idea unachievable through sheer capacity limitations.unlike 15-20 years ago ,vast majority of my consultations are complex because we are blessed with nurse practitioner, healthcare assistant time for minor illness, and self check Bp and other equipment sufficient that I rarely get any quick and easy/ catch-up on time consults.The work is therefore much more intense and there are days when ALL my consultations would need 15 min fir complexity!

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  • Well said Sally! GP has changed and we have unwillingly, gradually due to our good helpful nature being turned into physicians with an MDU fee to match. Gone are the good old easy days.

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