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NHS England lead: 'GPs should stop listing problems and start providing solutions'

GP bodies should come up with solutions for new models of primary care to alleviate the pressures on urgent and emergency care, rather than listing the problems, NHS England’s urgent care lead has said.

Speaking at a Westminster Health Forum event in London on Tuesday, Professor Keith Willett, NHS England’s director for acute episodes of care, said it is up to the professional bodies to outline their future model of primary care.

He told delegates: ‘Of all the things we’ve done, and the impact modelling we’ve done, and showing how the new urgent and emergency care system might work, the one bit I haven’t got in my head, and we therefore can’t model for, is the new model of general practice and primary care.’

Speaking to Pulse, he added: ‘We heard a presentation from [GPC deputy chair] Richard Vautrey, but it was all the things that aren’t working. The question really is, from me to him: “Ok, so what are the solutions?”

‘I can’t design it, I’m a trauma surgeon, the last person general practice wants designing their model is me. So my plea to that community is to help us by describing the new models of care.’

Professor Willett said: ‘We need to move on and get past telling everyone what the problems are and start coming up with some solutions, so we can test them and model them. So that’s my plea.’



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  • That old management trick, please waste good people's time with'solutions' you have no power to implement and they will frustrate and back fire.

    How is it he UK always has money for reorganizations?

    If something works , strive for evolving improvements not radical change

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  • No, No......YOU NHS ENGLAND (Clue is in the name) should start "coming up with solutions"-that is your bloody job. Start be employing people with some knowledge of primary care-that's always a good start!

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  • Yes. More people and money. Hows that?

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  • How about moving to co-payment insurance model for basic care to make us compatible with the rest of the EU? We might then be better able to integrate our healthcare markets which I'm sure is what Brussels have in mind long term anyway.

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  • Unbelievable! Nobody listens, "solutions" imposed (eg Darzi, NHS Direct, 111), practising is made an increasingly bureaucratic nightmare (CCG, CQC, etc), repeated re-organisations without reference to GPs actually doing the job and then we get blamed for "allowing" it. We don't need another new model - the old one was fine until it became a political football.

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  • The NHS problems are that money does not follow patients.
    Second regulations must ease off as we are crippled by a( just in case)system impotent system.
    This means GMC must only look at serious cases referred to them through solicitors or local aea team responsible officers,and not open to the public.
    The CQC must change their current image.
    Stability as GPs are tired and sick of changes.
    Clarity of NHS england about future plans.
    Charging for NHS entry level which is the GP appointments will deter a lot of time wasters and those who will socially attend your surgery.
    Return of the roles of the priests as councellor to deal with councelling issues in society.
    Enough or do you want more??????

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  • So who do we write to?
    Email address please and I suggest every person who reads pulse should email him and let him know our suggestions.

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  • more money,. more staff, stop micromanaging us, stop telling us how useless we are

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  • I still cant work out with what is wrong with the CURRENT MODEL of primary care. If it is funded correctly, it surely has shown itself to be an incredibly efficient and cheap model of providing care. For less than £100 per year, this provides one whole year of insurance no matter how many times people attend. Where else can you buy that level of cover? You cant insure your boiler for that amount. So, perhaps a new model is NOT needed, but additional funding is?? Changing the model may simply increase cost for no additional gain.

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  • If the ivory tower wants us to stop telling them what is wrong, they must stop doing wrong things to us. they won't, so we won't. What a cheek they have.

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