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NHS England told to realise same-day GP pledge for over-75s

The Government has called on NHS England to ensure GPs start providing same-day appointments to patients aged over 75, under a new Government mandate aimed at delivering on a pre-election manifesto commitment.

The Department of Health says work on the pledge should begin this year on how to make sure GPs can provide patients with the same-day appointments ‘when needed’. 

The requirement is among a series of goals set by the DH in its latest NHS Mandate, which outlines the department’s expectations for the service for 2017/18.

It states that as part of this year’s goals, NHS England must ‘agree a programme of work to assess how best to meet the commitment that all over-75s will be able to access a same-day appointment with a GP if they need one’.

It comes after the Conservative Party made a manifesto pledge to guarantee people over 75 could access a same-day GP appointments ahead of the last general election

GP leaders previously said the pledge was too ‘simplistic’ and would ‘distort clinical priorities’ while Labour questioned how the Tories could fund it.

The new 2017/18 mandate also states that NHS England must make sure that 'all care home residents at risk of admission to hospital are first seen by a GP or ambulance "see and treat" model'.

It also says that 'a total of 40% of the population' England should have access to 'enhanced GP services, including evening and weekend access' by the end of 2017/18.

It comes after last year’s NHS mandate - which also set out expecations through to 2020 - stated that 100% of the population should have evening and weekend GP access, and that new models of general practice should cover half the population by the end of 2020/21.

NHS England has already failed to deliver on a mandate to prepare the new 'voluntary' contract for multispecialty community providers for 2017/18 rollout, as none of NHS England’s six MCP pilot areas are ready to enter contractual arrangements from April as had been the plan.



Readers' comments (26)

  • AlanAlmond

    So we can now forget about the under 5s with potential meningitis then? It's all about the over 75s. Guess they vote, the under fives aren't so important? ..they don't.

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  • Refer them to the GP in A&E if your full to excess capacity then!

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  • We have been providing same day appts to ALL out patients who phone before 10am for years but people still complain !!

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  • In the 1990s, we had evidence-based medicine.
    In the 2000s, we had finance-based medicine.
    Now we are in the grip of politics-based medicine.

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  • We provide same day appts for those who need it.

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  • An appointment " If they need it " - who decides or is it actually " If they want it " ?

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  • we should be given power to remove them from list if same day appointment was misused. they should not expect home visit same day if it was not urgent. send them to a and e gp's on monday if no appointments available.

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  • We have a limited number of same day appointments but most are pre-bookable 28 days in advance. In addition we see all patients who claim they are 'urgent' on the same day.
    I have over 500 patients out of 3800 who are over 75. Appointments have to be based on clinical need and not be ageist.
    I have recently taken on (under duress)provision on en ECG service as the CCG ran out of money to pay the hospital. I am also doing more ring pessary changes as the CCG moved the GPSI service to a community hospital 10 miles away and my elderly won't travel. I am already doing prostate cancer injections for no financial reward but because the hospital states it will be more convenient for the patient. I am currently fighting both the rheumatology department and Medicines Management Team who think I am being unreasonable in not accepting the transfer of denosumab injections and all the administration that goes with this as this is the cheaper option (no enhanced service being offered as has been offered elsewhere in the country).
    I would love to spend time with my patients actually doing my job and not everyone else's. I would have far more time to see patients if it were not for the endless drivel of meetings that I am forced to attend. How to become a GP provider was the last one. I'm a GP for God's sake - just leave me alone to do the job I trained for.

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  • DoH unleashes its bull dogs in NHSE, GPs have a lot of meat, go bite your way to glory. And what do GPs do - call 999 for every fart that could affect your cosy relation with NHSE

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  • Political rhetoric. They promised 5000 extra GPs. Only 9 days to early retirement. Phew.

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