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Gold, incentives and meh

GP practices to feed back on ‘refreshed’ intelligent monitoring reports

All GP practices will be given the opportunity to provide feedback to the CQC this summer before the publication of their updated intelligent monitoring report.

In an email sent to GP practices, the CQC has said that over the summer it will be ‘refreshing’ its intelligent monitoring for GP practices with the latest available data’ and practices have been invited to give feedback.

However, the data the regulator uses will still be based on indicators including the QOF and National Patient Survey – but the CQC insists that it will change the language it has previously used ‘so that it does not imply a risk to patient safety.’

The move to update GP practice data with newest available practice information comes months after the CQC was forced to withdraw the ‘risk banding’ element of its intelligent monitoring scheme - after it admitted that it recognised patients would have instead perceived the publication of the bandings as a judgement of the quality of care.

The new intelligent monitoring reports will be updated on each individual GP practice profile page on the CQC website later this summer.

In an update to practices, the CQC said: ‘Over the summer we will be refreshing intelligent monitoring for GP practices with the latest available data.

‘Before we do that we will be sharing each individual intelligent monitoring report with the relevant GP practice, and will begin that process from tomorrow. We will be sending the reports out in batches over the coming months.’

Readers' comments (11)

  • I thought this was a busted flush.Flawed inaccurated and released inappropiately to the press without an apology to us when it was found to be flawed.Why are they continuing to flog this dead horse.

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  • Not interested. I want no part of this nonsense. Now it'll be rolled out and publicised and we'll field the blame for the errors/misguided inferences, etc on the grounds that we were consulted. I would not base a decision about whether or not to register with a GP on CQC "intelligence"

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  • The reply to CQC should be 'you do not have the intelligence to understand my reply to your intelligent monitoring'

    As LMC and RCGP have called for a halt to CQC in GP have all RCGP members and LMC reps withdrawn from being CQC inspectors?

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  • Bothered? All this feedback is mirroring faecal overflow. So bored of it and hscic data junkies.

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  • Once you have checked all the Practices, you do have have to churn out something to justify your existence. This is 'normal' practice- that's why we have new forms for referrals every year and new pathways being trialled every second. For some reason none of these seem to be good enough to be left alone for longer than this period. That is where intelligence - or lack of it- becomes evident.

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  • Given we are living in an Orwellian world one simply has to translate the headline, thus 'intelligent monitoring' becomes 'dumb surveillance'.

    Of course in any authoritarian regime worth its salt the key is to ensure everyone ends up breaking the law, or failing the standards, not in order to punish the majority, but to keep the threat of punishment in hand as a weapon to ensure compliant behaviour.

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  • I'm struck lately by a new emotion in response to all this micromanagement, negativity, threats, hostility, NHS being dismantled and so on.

    It's no longer feeling threatened or anxious.

    Instead, it's mindnumbing boredom.

    I'm so bored of all this stuff coming our way I actually no longer care and also feel a seeping apathy towards Pulse blogs as a result, because the battle has been well and truly lost.

    The blogs used to be fun to join the rally cry - but what now?

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  • 9:28- Absolutely right and I share that apathy with you. I think we all are slowly creeping to that 'give a damn' attitude which is probably the aim of these re- re and re-reforms. Once the system collapses, it will pave the way for the much yearned for by our politicians insurance driven private healthcare.

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  • Peter Swinyard

    09.35 - I would agree if I thought our lords and masters actually understood the consequences of their actions. Should we forgive them, as they know not what they do, or rise up against them? And would the mass of downtrodden GPs labouring away to continue to provide the best service they can to their patients against the odds actually follow if someone asked for undated resignation letters?

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  • I think we may have got the drivers behind this wrong.
    I listened to the video of the NIB (National Information Board) June meeting just now ( for the really masocistic!) and what is clear is that they actually believe that MyData (on NHS Choices) is a marvellous way of demonstrating Transparency and Providing Really Useful Information To The Publis.
    I may have missed it, but the idea that the public might appreciate accurate or even useful information rather than masses of garbage didn't appear to be a consideration...
    btw, CQC is looking at what other information about individual practices they might find useful - unless I misheard..

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