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Gold, incentives and meh

GPC pledges to fight ‘staggering’ CQC fees rise

The GPC plans to challenge the CQC on plans to hike fees tor GP practice inspection by an ‘unprecedented’ amount next year.

Commenting on the CQC’s fees consultation launched yesterday, GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said GPs would be ‘staggered’ at this proposal coming at a time ‘when many are struggling financially’.

He said that, if adopted, the new fees would see GP practices ’collectively paying £40 million a year’ towards ’an imposed system they do not have confidence in’.

He said: ’[This] adds insult to injury and will do nothing to repair the poor standing of the CQC with the GP profession at large.

’This significant financial burden could be the final straw for many GPs and practices with many already having to cope with swingeing cuts to their core budgets and escalating costs of keeping a practice open.

’[The GPC] has been consistently raising concerns about this process in our discussions with the CQC and during the consultation we will robustly challenge these wholly unjustified and damaging proposals.’

He also said the Government’s assurance it would resource GP practices to cover fees with a £15m injection of funding via the GPC contract ‘provides no assurance that the costs will be fully met, nor that it will be recurrently available’.

The CQC has proposed to increase the fees for GP inspection by more than 550% within two years, translating to an increase of £15,000 for some practices.

The fee for the 2015/16 year represented a 9% increase on 2014/15.

Readers' comments (14)

  • Took Early Retirement

    GPC and "Fight"? It does not compute.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Chaand, you know what you have to do. But what will and can you do is another issue.

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  • It's not only passing the whole cost to us it's the fact that they say it costs so much in the first place. How???
    Please can the GPC study the accounts and see where all this money is going? CQC should be constrained by austerity measures and cost-cutting at least as much as those of us trying to care for patients. We should be paying no more than £500 a day (locum GP rate) per inspector per inspection. Inspections should be no less than three years apart unless concerns were raised. Other running costs should be paid for by government, audited and kept to a minimum.

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  • Not holding my breath ...

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  • Just Your Average Joe

    If the DOH is going to give money to GP practices to cover the rise

    - It might be just because I'm a GP and can see the common sense straight forward approach without a MBA consultant management approach

    - Just more straight forward for the DOH to pay for the CQC waste of time directly, and bypass the whole waste of time and money, sending it sideways and hidden in the baseline GMS funding.

    Just saying Mr Hunt - quality idea, which saves money and time, only bettered by scrapping the CQC in entirety.

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  • Judging by Dr Nagpsaul's previous effort where he announced great victory in 2014 and told us if it wasn't for good valiant effort we would have been far worse than the contract we received, he'll probably settle for x4 increase in the fees and tell us the same thing.

    I'm sorry, I have no faith in GPC's "fight". I've seen my 3 years old daughter fought with more purpose and genuine desire.

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  • Gpc
    Just say no
    No cooperation
    End of
    How can it be in this bizarre bullying micromanagement NHS suffering huge cuts in clinical services these paper pushing ridiculous bureaucrats feel they deserve such a completely usurious utterly outrageous unjustifiable increase
    They are a parasitic pointless burden on patient care
    Abolish this quango now bad as NHSE

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  • NHS GPs are nothing more than salaried offal run by their slave masters at the DOH; they are told what will be imposed and seem to act with dismay when another kick is aimed at them; These stories make for tragic reading as primary care really used to be something special in the UK;

    I'm appalled that doctors in England are literally subjected to faeces being thrown at them on a daily basis; its disgusting to see the depths to which the profession has sunk;

    when will all this nonsense end?? ill tell you when, when enough you have the balls to walk away; 600% rise in fees ffs!!!!???????

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  • If you are reading this comment you are motivated enough to be interested in health Politics and GP opinions. Majority of the GPs are not reading this, that is our problem.

    We had an inspection. They told us we had an expired O2 cylinder in the premises. The cylinder was already labelled with big note- 'expired do not use it'. The remaining report was generic an identical to what the neigbouring practice was told. Nothing personal, hence we have leant nothing and we have change nothing since then. Just dispossed the O2 cylinder. Was this worth the time and effort we put into the inspection and money payed.. my simple answer is NO.

    Please, motivate your colleques and refuse to pay the fees.. They cannot shut all of us. I will request my practice manager to send a letter to LMC in this effect.. I hope we are united.

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  • nothing about fighting in there, just "robustly challenging" and "raising concerns".

    Oh, if only our "leadership" could match some of the vigour and determination of the junior doctors's leaders.....

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