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98% of junior doctors vote in favour of strike action

There has been almost unanimous support from junior doctors for strike action, with a turnout of 76%, the BMA has announced.

The results of the ballot have revealed that 99.4% of junior doctors voted in favour of industrial action short of a strike, while 98% voted in favour of strike action.

This was based on the turnout of 76% of the 37,000 junior doctors balloted, which included GP registrars.

The BMA has also announced that it has approached Acas with a view to holding conciliatory talks with the Department of Health over the health secretary’s plans to impose a contract that will remove safeguards for unsafe working, and will see rewards for weekend work taken away.

However, if the talks do not lead to agreement between the BMA and the DH, the two days of strikes and one day of providing only emergency care will take place next month.

Following the ballot, junior doctors will provide emergency care only for 24 hours from 8am on Tuesday 1 December.

This will be followed by a full walk-out from 8am to 5pm on Tuesday 8 December, and another at the same time on Wednesday 16 December.

This is in contrast to the industrial action held in 2012 in protest at the pensions changes, during which doctors continued to provide emergency care.

Under the Government’s proposals, GP trainees would see the removal of a guaranteed supplement that ensures they receive pay parity with their secondary care collegues. 

The GPC has issued guidance on the strikes, which reveals that GP practices could be picketed because industrial action laws specify that employees can only picket outside or close to their place of work.

However, it has called upon GPs to support the industrial action.

Dr Mark Porter, BMA council chair, said: ’We regret the inevitable disruption that this will cause but it is the Government’s adamant insistence on imposing a contract that is unsafe for patients in the future, and unfair for doctors now and in the future, that has brought us to this point.

’Patients are doctors’ first priority, which is why, even with such a resounding mandate, we are keen to avert the need for industrial action, which is why we have approached Acas to offer conciliatory talks with the health secretary and NHS Employers to clarify the conflicting information coming from government over the past weeks.

’The health secretary is right when he says this action is ”wholly avoidable. Our message to him is that junior doctors have today made their views perfectly clear but that it is still possible to get back around the negotiating table to deliver a contract that is safe for patients, contains the necessary contractual safeguards to prevent junior doctors being overworked and properly recognises evening and weekend work.’

Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers, said: ’Today’s announcement is disappointing and will result in thousands of NHS patients, their families and carers being concerned that their planned care and treatment will be disrupted during December. NHS organisations are now working hard to keep disruption to a minimum but it is inevitable that appointments will be postponed, surgery rearranged and clinics closed.

’By taking the unprecedented step of not providing emergency cover for two of their days of action, the BMA are putting the NHS and their colleagues under even greater strain during one of its busiest periods impacting even further on our ability to provide safe and effective care for our patients.

’Even at this late stage, we call for the BMA to return to talks. The new contract offers increases in basic pay, concrete safeguards on working hours and pay protection to ensure that doctors won’t lose out. I think the public will question why the BMA are causing such significant disruption when the offer of talks remains open.’

Readers' comments (49)

  • GP Partners are independent business and striking without public and/or opposition support would have been very difficult.

    Junior doctors however are a different kettle of fish. They have support of people as they are paid lower, are more mobile so can leave quicker and more importantly are matching the negative Tory press with inexpensive but effective Social Media Campaigns.
    Although GP`s cannot do the same themselves they can and should decline all non contractual work (eg ECG`s, 24 hr BP`s etc). Also don`t change threshold for admission in December just because the A&E departments are full.
    A 10-15% increase in referrals in December from GP`s can bring NHS on its Knees- mainly 2WW which would be in keeping with the NICE (oxymoron) guidelines on cancer!
    Why be the NHS gatekeeper when most people seem to abuse it -most of all the politicians!

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  • We cannot strike as we are self employed. We cannot work to rule as we already do that.

    We can refuse to attend all CCG etc nonsense meetings and refuse to allow any decisions to be made in our name.

    We can hold a vote of no confidence in all CCG clinical directors and thereby stop all CCG work.

    We can open all surgery's on a saturday and request everyone who turns up to go to their MPs surgery.

    Time to have some fun working out ways to support our juniors

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  • Peter Swinyard

    time for the REAL doctors to beat the SPIN doctors....

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  • This comment has been removed by the moderator.

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  • Excellent
    Total support from me
    Bring the liar worm runt down

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  • You don't need balls to strike. You just need a brain.

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  • its not just about bringing Hunt down, its about changing the current conservative mind set, if Hunt goes he will only be replaced by another talking head working to the same agenda. Joe Public needs to know that the strain on the NHS due to the lack of funding is real and its going to hit them hard. GP's can go on strike, what would happen if there was a BA equivalent where the majority of staff suddenly became unwell and couldn't work!!!!! things would have to change pretty damn quick!

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  • Vinci Ho

    Bear in mind , it is not only about Agent Hunt . While Keogh wanted to bring the argument involving terrorist attack into this , the response of Osbourne, about the concern too drastic cut in Police Budget would be dangerous , was a photocopy of ' it is not about numbers, it is about how to work more effectively and efficiently . We still have a deficit to tackle.' Didn't we hear the same for efficiency saving in NHS? And there is no limit of cuts that can be made while efficiency remains good!
    Hence , his obsession to reach surplus by 2020 has totally blinded him as far as priorities are concerned. No economy, no police . No economy, no NHS at all. Public sector is a luxury which can only exist in good economy......
    As Nigel said in his editorial , Health Secretary is playing a dangerous game . I would say dangerous chancellor , dangerous health secretary , dangerous PM

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  • 20 Nov 2015 11:18am


    we had a strop and Lansley was replaced with Hunt. if Hunt goes there is no guarantee things will change. It's the policy that needs to change - it is impossible to drive up quality with increasing demand and falling supply period. Either fund the NHS properly or don't be surprised if things start falling apart as they are now.

    Regardless the juniors are doing the right thing and good luck to them.

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