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Health Education England set to help train Chinese GPs

Health Education England (HEE) is set to become involved in the training of Chinese GPs, it has announced.

HEE said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Peking University and the University of Birmingham for future collaboration, as China hopes to significantly expand the number of GPs it trains.

The agreement will see trainers in England helping by ‘training the trainers’ of Chinese GPs, but HEE chief executive, Professor Ian Cumming, said the knowledge they would gain from the cooperation would also benefit UK patients.

He said: ‘HEE is recognised in China for delivering excellence in GP training and development. We have the chance to use our expertise to help further develop a Chinese primary care system but there will be benefits for patients here as well, as this is a real chance for us to learn, particularly in terms of community-based practices.

‘The relationship is very much two-way and I’m convinced that our countries have a lot that they can learn from each other.’

The news comes after the Government reached a healthcare-focused trade deal with China in December last year, which included cutting red tape for UK-based healthcare companies to invest in areas including primary care.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Had an opportunity to give lectures on primary care dermatology to a group of Chinese GPs from Shanghai in November 2013 . They are very keen and enthusiastic to learn but clearly there are political issues restricting freedom of practising. Social welfare and medicine represent only a tiny part of government spending .

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  • ukip.........UKIP........where are you.......

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  • It is reassuring to learn that Health Education England has time to concern itself about China. Perhaps it will also devote some time to work on the recruitment and training of UK GPs.

    UK medical schools seek to recruit students who are attracted by 'white coat' research and high tech specialties -- just look at the videos and images on their websites. This is understandable from the medical schools point of view, it gets the punters in. Yet what we need (from workforce estimates) is for at least half of these students to become GPs.

    This will of course require a big change in the designation of junior doctor hospital posts from specialty training to GP training, as seems to be recognised. Even if the consultants object to their neophyte rhubarbologists being re-designated at GP trainees. It means that many of those who think that they will become specialists will not.

    But to achieve some consonance between expectations and reality, surely the fundamental requirement is to address this initial part of the training process, and look to recruit as potential medical students people who want to and who may become GPs?

    Go to it, HEE!

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  • There is more to come on Healthcare UK and these agreements. I wonder in this case whether any money gained through these 'understandings' will go back to the NHS as promised and if so how and were?

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  • The relationship is very much two-way and I’m convinced that our countries have a lot that they can learn from each other.’

    Dr Chinese collegue,
    Choose a non primary care specialism.
    All the Best

    Seriously HEE and HMG cannot recognise the value of GPs and training in this country. Is this a money making exercise or are we soon to see a joint committee awarding competance certificates for candidates to work in both countries?
    Where's my rosetta stone?

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  • Ooh, that's our workforce crisis solved! They'll be coming from China!

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  • By the time they qualify and learn to speak good clear english, we will all be dead from lack of care!

    If the NHS and this crap government treated GP's with more respect, the shortage of GP's could be managed. Who in their right mind wants to be treated the way out GP's are being treated at present, who in their tight mind would want to consider the medical profession as a career?

    Our GP's are greatly undervalued, the backbone of the NHS and they care for ALL patients, not special little groups that force them to neglect others. GP's care for the sick ... when this government stops interfering with their work, that is what they would like to do.!

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  • ironic that the only population that doesnt value their GP is.... the UK

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