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A faulty production line

HEE given year to plan reduced reliance on migrants

Education bosses have been given a year to draw up plans to reduce the NHS’s ‘reliance on international migration’ as part of health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s crackdown on trainees from outside the UK.

Requirements placed in Health Education England’s long-delayed mandate for April 2016 to March 2017 give until September 2017 to develop its plan.

This should plot a path for health and care jobs to be taken off the Shortage Occupation List, which allows supported migration for professionals in these roles, by 2019/20.

The mandate states: ‘As part of the development of the Workforce Plan for England 2017/18, continue to work with partners to meet the Government’s commitment to reduce the health and care sectors’ reliance on international migration to meet staffing demands and to produce a clear plan by September 2017 by which HEE intends to reduce the demand for international migrants to fill roles in the NHS so that roles can be removed from the Shortage Occupation List, including non-medical roles by 2019/20.’

This follows Mr Hunt’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference 2016 where he pledged to make the NHS self-sufficient in doctors by 2026.

This will be done by boosting medical school training places by up to 1,500, increasing fees for overseas students, and – for the first time – conscripting UK trained doctors to work for the NHS for four years.

The mandate commitments are in contrast to NHS England's own drive to recruit more GPs from Europe, which Pulse has shown is continuing at pace.

Readers' comments (7)

  • Lol. Looks like there are many jokers in the house. You cut support for nursies training, you worsen terms of training and pay for doctors and then you stop health workers from coming into the country. You do not need a crystal ball to see the outcome. Good luck with your workforce.

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  • increase fees for foreign medical students,
    lock in to NHS (?for all) for 4 years,
    worsen t&c (CARE pension, high contribution, no control on hours, reduce pay, cap pay for all,)
    increase risk (you will be prosecuted by dps if they want to),
    increasing demand,
    obscene cost of housing,
    increasing living costs (petrol, food post brexit),
    hostile and vocally xenophobic minority (stress minority) of folks but it only takes one person shouting racist abuse at you to put you off a place for good,
    no longer gateway to europe,
    poor services for your family,
    highest (in the world) education costs for your children,
    falling pound,
    etc etc

    yes the plan to keep foreign doctors away should start working

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  • I suppose they could always bring back press-gangs.

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  • Vinci Ho

    This is just released on Guardian. You do not have to agree if you still think this is too left winged and scaremongering with negativity :

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  • Vinci Ho

    The good thing about Agent Hunt is he has a 'quality' of not believing ,in himself,any word he said to people serving his master(s) 120%.
    In contrast , MojoBojo is now well exposed that he was suporting the complete opposite when he decided to lead the Leave camp.
    Well, what goes around , what comes around . We are watching .......

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  • Preparation for the issues Brexit will bring.
    I expect to see more advanced care workers taking nursing roles and more senior nurses taking on junior doctor roles. Money saver

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  • We could just reintroduce conscription for the entire healthcare workforce and pay them at 1950s rates. I wouldn't put it past this government.

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