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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Professor Mayur Lakhani elected RCGP president

NHS West Leicestershire CCG chair Professor Mayur Lakhani has been elected as the next president of the RCGP.

Professor Lakhani, who was previously RCGP chair and also sought the president position in 2015, will serve a two-year term from November 2017 until November 2019, succeeding Dr Terry Kemple.

This time around, five members stood for the ceremonial position, Professor Lakhani beating King’s College professor and former GP Professor Roger Jones, editor of the BJGP, in second place.

The other unsuccessful candidates were Professor Rodger Charlton, Dr John Chisholm and Dr Paul Myres.

College members also elected six council members, with the successful candidates announced as Professor Clare Gerada, the college’s former chair, as well as Dr Jonathan Leach, Dr . John Cosgrove, Dr Stuart Blake, Dr Robert Hampton and Dr Martyn Hewett.

Acting chief executive officer and college returning officer Dr Valerie Vaughan-Dick, said: ’Many congratulations to Mayur and to all our candidates for the fair and professional way in which they have conducted this round of elections.

’At a time when GPs and general practice are under unprecedented pressures, it is more important than ever that we have a democratic College that is able to represent our members - and their patients – on the issues that matter most.’

The election had a 12.8% turnout among eligible voting members.

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Readers' comments (19)

  • Ghastly display of sycophancy above.

    Recently qualified GPs should know that membership of the RCGP is entirely optional; when deciding whether to remain a member, remind yourselves how much you had to pay for the privilige of sitting the RCGP exams; and remember who inflicted the useless e-portfolio on you. Older GPs may wish to remember life before Appraisal, and the enthusiastic support of the RCGP for introducing this nonsense.

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  • I think we need to remember that we are self-employed. When changes that require large amounts of extra work for no reward are made to the contract we should just refuse to accept them.
    I don't know of any other profession that accepts a contract that changes yearly and is so untransparent on how it is funded (does anyone fully understand the Carr-Hill formula?)
    If the government was serious about preventing the collapse of general practice they would not be adding frailty reviews etc to our core contract. When something gets stopped and the 'funding gets put back into the global sum' you have no idea if it really has or not. It also means that surgeries that worked hard to maximise incomes from revenue streams would lose out as the funds would then be evenly distributed amongst all - this is my main concern should Qof be scrapped.
    Indemnity would be a great way of improving take home pay without causing too much retribution in the press. Total reimbursement or crown indemnity.
    Also any new auxiliary staff should be funded by the NHS via a reimbursement scheme.
    NHS underwriting of risks of last man standing would be much appreciated too as well as providing completely free premises fit for purpose.
    Politicians must be truthful about what can be expected from the NHS so that we don't have to waste time dealing with complaints about waits, lack of local services etc.
    Changes of the hospital contract to ensure that they must provide a well staffed system to deal with patient queries re: appointments and results.
    RCGP should be more vocal in the press about the increased cost when there is private involvement in healthcare - APMS contract costs vs GMS would be a good starting point to analyse and compare.
    The other larger private subcontractors have the right idea - they charge much more and even have the ability to hide behind 'commercial sensitivity' rules to avoid releasing information on medical complications, uncovered shifts etc.
    My wish list is long and unrealistic but I would settle for us recognising the fact that we are in a position of power when it comes to declining enforced changes in contract. The feeling that we have no say regarding our workload is stressful and embittering. Use our independent contractor status to our advantage.

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  • Cobblers

    12.8% turnout.

    Oh dear.

    Majority then. Not.

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  • Ceremonial job = seat on the gravy train.

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  • Secure environments GP

    The Professor has contributed immensely in the past but his task now is to look at supporting the younger generation. Whilst his generation have massive pension pots, partnerships/practices run by low paid salaried GPs with just as massive clinical workloads as partners then he's on the easy side of the fence!

    Grassroots GP in some practices, especially the inner cities or in practices that can't recruit are so busy and stressed they can't wade out of the massive swampy tall grass. And then there's weeds too (CQC, Unrelenting NHSE....)

    Offer some practical help please.

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  • Just Your Average Joe

    Sad to see the same names recycled at the top of the RCGP.

    If you truly want to make a difference, you need to stop the farce of friendship with the DOH, as they are simply bullying GPs with enforced contract changes, pointless performance management and targets, extending opening when we don't have enough GPs for core work.

    Making us fund the Witchfinder GMC - when it is not about protecting doctors but persecuting them with frivolous complaints as demand rockets, and we are left at the front-line taking all the flak as operations are no longer funded, or IVF etc.

    We shouldn't be paying indemnity as Crown cover should protect all in the NHS family.

    Stop the privatisation of the NHS which we all know and can see happening, but like the emperor's new clothes the politicians continue to deny and large swathes of the media are ignoring.

    When was the last GMS contract given out? Its all private/APMS now.

    Stop trying to make friends and shake things up instead.

    Plus find a way to help those lost to the GP profession due to the CSA - at least allow associate specialist type status so those who trained and worked hard but were unable to reach the standards could work in supervised posts for a few years then retry to get full status with more experience perhaps (just an idea off the cuff).

    Be the exception to the political class who filled the RCGP roles for years now.

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  • fromGP Partner
    Please do not extend GP training, they will never finish. The F2's in General Practice on our N.London rotation have done very well in a Gp environment. After 20years work, i and others still do not know everything. Some of their hospital experience is transferable to GP.
    Otherwise, they will not be able to finish, never pay off debts, return to hospital jobs, give up and do something else, emigrate, or and remain on low GP pay for many more years, get exploited by other GP private companies, not just corporate ones etc

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  • Dr DB 11:06 completely right. Carry on posting.
    The uncomfortable truths are that some within General Practice- and I mean Doctors- are completely exploiting other doctors because of their career status, young, middle, older drs. The RCGP, BMA,LMC, GPC may not be fully aware of this- and they do not alwaysshare the same platform or exchange these problems/issues.
    Yours truly
    GP Partner. addendum as a junior Dr, i was immensely helped by the BMA, and lately LMC

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  • Cobblers

    The RCGP is a sycophantic organisation who utterly believe in the NHS and follow government directives. I saved a fortune in not joining (back in the day) and you may wish to consider the same.

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