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RCGP launches recruitment video to promote general practice to medical students

The RCGP has launched the first ever recruitment video by a medical royal college in a bid to boost the number of medical students choosing general practice.

The RCGP video focuses on newly qualified GPs explaining what attracts them to the speciality, and it comes as NHS England announced it will allocate £10m of new funding to tackle the GP recruitment crisis and retain older GPs.

The video was filmed at St John’s Medical Centre, Lewisham, and on home visits with patients.

RCGP chair Dr Maureen Baker said the video was designed to dismiss ‘outdated stereotypes’ of GPs simply handing out cough medicine and referring the more difficult cases to consultants.

She said: “This video – and the GPs who appear in it – show that nothing could be further from the truth. Being a GP is exciting, varied and challenging, as well as being the only role in the NHS that delivers care for the whole person over their lifetime. GPs are now performing procedures every day in our consultation rooms that a decade ago would automatically have been referred to hospital specialists.’

The video includes Dr Chris Ferdinand, a GP at St John’s Medical Centre, who was also part of GP documentary ‘Behind closed doors’.

He says: ‘All doctors have an important role in looking after the health of their patients, but in terms of the one doctor who is going to be most present throughout a person’s life, and therefore has the opportunity to make the most difference and look after somebody’s health over years, a GP has the opportunity to do that.’

It also features Dr Tina Scoble, a GP trainee, at the practice: ‘You see that same patient, over many years and also their family members as well which is quite nice. You get to maintain that relationship, and that continuity, even when they’re at home when they’re housebound.’


Readers' comments (37)

  • Misguuided propoganda,how out of step can these people get.

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  • Sooooooo delusional! A complete and utter joke!

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  • Basic dating advice: desperation is not an attractive quality.

    And there is nothing that reeks more of desperation than this video.

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  • This video needs redubbing

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  • How about adding the small print.
    High rates of divorce, suicide, mental health issues, drug and alcohol misuse, burnout and dissatisfation with the wonnderful profession you have chosen to follow. Other better paid and lower stress options are available.

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  • We GPs are voting with our feet; pretending all is well in GP-land is delusional if not actually duplicitous.
    But then the RCGP are part of the problem.

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  • GPs on this video - If they did the same with their consultation and pushed out the positives and hidden the negatives, do they think RCGP would consider it a good consultation?

    Or perhaps, they are not being entirely honest with their colleagues. Either way, I don't have much respect for those that featured here or the RCGP.

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  • Medical students aren't stupid. By the time I was a final year student by seeing and talking to older colleagues I, and several of my cohort had already discounted careers in specialities we deemed to have poor prospects/ work life balance/ pay etc. I suspect today's students will simply speak to grassroots GPs on their attachments or see the immense pressure they're under. There is no doubt they will be aware of the almost decade of bad press and mendacious headlines!

    As a recently emigrated uk grad, who made partnership before 30, clinical tutor at a medical school and LMC rep I can tell you all that no amount of propaganda, pay rises and other short term incentives will bring me back to the UK!! The muppets running the show over there are still the same people who made life insufferable in the first place! If your a trainee considering a career in GP land get your CCT then leave!! The UK qualifications are in extremely high demand abroad where wages are far higher, autonomy is greater and press coverage is positive! You also have respect as a pillar of society and patients are grateful to be able to see you!! The NHS CAN no longer compete with other jurisdictions in terms of quality of life/ work and hence why we are seeing a huge number of 20/30/40 and even 50 year old professionals leaving!!

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  • Sad, pathetic embarrassing ,and delusional. Completely misreprenting the profession as it currently stands. Very disingenuous of the Rcgp to big up gpland like this. But I suppose they need punters to pay into their coffers. But choose this route and it will be an early coffin!

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  • They cannot really expect intelligent med students/ newly qualified docs to believe this rubbish..... can they? Patent propaganda of the flimsiest sort...

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