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One in ten London practices face closure in the next three years

Half of London’s GP practices currently have unfilled vacancies for GPs and practice nurses, while 70% anticipate a GP retiring imminently, a Londonwide LMCs report has found.

Of the 431 practices that responded to the survey, 43 said they were considering handing back their contract as a result of a retirement in the next three years, adding to the 18 closures that the Health and Social Care Information Centre said have closed in the capital in the past year.

It found that 202 have been unable to fill positions, due to the ongoing recruitment crisis and financial uncertainty.

Dr Michelle Drage, Londonwide LMCs’ chief executive said: “We have seen massively increased demand at the doors of all our general practices. The community, social and mental health services which used to support GPs have been dramatically reduced as we try to handle all the multiple conditions that accompany our diverse, often deprived, highly mobile and ageing society in the face of a diminishing workforce. To be meaningful and have an impact, finance must first be made available up-front to allow GPs to manage existing workload.”

She added: ‘We need over 1.5m more GP hours to deal with current demand, let alone new initiatives and schemes.’

Pulse launched the Stop Practice Closures campaign last year, which calls on the Government and commissioners to provide support to practices in danger of closure.



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  • hunt et al are working toward partnership model failure and are doing everything to bring this about . Nothing will change and soon primary care will be crewed by salaried medi-bots . THEN Kaiser permanent / virgin can move in .

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  • The problem is that any branch of medicine with unlimited demand is not profitable and the private providers don't really wish to be involved

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  • I come to the Practice at 6:30am. Like most of my colleagues, I see 17-25 patients in the morning and another 14 in the afternoon- a total of around 39. This is 390 minutes which is roughly 6.5 hours. I leave Surgery around 7 to 8 pm.
    Most of the remaining 6-8 hours is spent in paperwork.
    And yet this paperwork flows on into the weekend.
    I paid my annual charges for a service laptop and a VPN but for 3 months could not use the VPN last year because some nitwit decided that I had not paid for it. Then the laptop went out of order and for the 7th month I am waiting for a replacement. All I get is apologies from the powers to be although there is a email from March saying it has been sanctioned.
    And so I spend 6-10 hours over the weekend working at the Surgery trying to catch up.
    Talk of mayhem in the NHS- it starts at home in your CCGs and Area Teams. Blaming the top is reasonable as they are the driving force behind this diabolical plan to finish the NHS in its existing form but you can't blame the top for everything if your own house is not in order and you have mismanagement at the local level.
    As far as practice closures are concerned, it seems to me that the hardest hit are the big and high earning Practices or the rural Practices where there has been a high reliance on MPIG. For single handed practices like mine without an MPIG, the drop in income has been recompensed up to 35% by the uplift and although things have become extremely difficulty, this drop in income is not the main reason why we are considering closure. Won't go into chanting the reasons as they are universally known.

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  • In other words 90% don't face closure.Another alarmist headline from Pulse.

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  • To the troll @ 11.43am

    1 in 10 airplanes might crash over the next 3 years
    1 in 10 trains at risk of derailing
    1 in 10 motorway bridges may collapse due to poor maintenance...

    They would be newsworthy
    ...get the picture

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