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40% of GP training places unfilled in North East England

Two fifths of GP training places in the North East of England remain vacant after the first two rounds of recruitment according to health education bosses.

Health Education England told Pulse that it has filled 60% of places in the North East deanery for GP training, leaving 40% unfilled after two intakes.

This is an improvement on last year, when the North East region filled just 51% of training places.

As part of the changes to boost GP recruitment in 2016, Health Education England allowed practices to express geographical preferences at a more detailed level.

This means trainees now apply for a GP programme, such as Coventry, or Warwickshire, rather than a region, like West Midlands.

Pulse has previously reported that 70% of training places have gone unfilled in Somerset, according to local GP leaders.

Meanwhile, Welsh GP trainers said their trainee recruitment had been boosted this time around, which they thought were in part down to the junior doctor contract row in England damaging morale.

Dr Krishna Kasaraneni, chair of the GPC’s education, training and workforce subcommittee medical director for Humberside LMCs, said the result of the EU referendum was increasing uncertainty. He said: 'The lack of clarity over what’s likely to happen with that [the referendum], even initiatives to encourage European GPs to join the NHS, all of those initiatives are going to be up in the air. General practice is struggling at every single part, and this certainly isn’t going to help.'

Please note: A previous version of this story said there was a fill rate of 47% in the North East, but Health Education England informed us this was incorrect. The current fill rate in this area is 60%. Apologies for any confusion.


Readers' comments (10)

  • Can't think why no one wants to be a GP

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  • Going salaried with pay reduction or having sleepless nights and stressful days as partners.. Why would anyone want tobe a gp. Some gps here think as doctors we are not supposed to mention pay. You guys just undervalue your self. 50-60000 after taxes and expenses isn't great. Especially with the workload being dumped. I have told my friends in med school you must be dumb to choose gp training

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  • No money left in GP.GP has become a donkey's job.

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  • I agree with junior doctor above

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  • This rise in uptake is not due to increased applications but because RCGP is taking anyone who is applying. It is good to drop standard for entry in to GP training but they must make sure that they have robust system in place to help trainees to successfully complete training and do not fall prey to CSA. Local graduates are not applying due to bad publicity on media and social media . IMGs applying for these jobs are skeptical that ECGP will provide enough support , and now since Brexit there will be more crisis because even if EU doctors are not asked to leave country , they will have comply with language tests .

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  • "They will have to comply with language tests": I should certainly hope so!
    "It is good to drop standards"!Really? This just perpetuates the invidious paradigm of "not good enough to be a hospital doctor...try General Practice".

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  • It is the negativity and apathy of those commenting and the attitudes they perpetuate that put people off General Practice. As someone who has been through both medical and surgical training I have finally chosen General Practice ( a GP partner and trainer for 6 years now)and it is what you make it to be. General Practice can be an excellent invigorating career choice that is well paid, satisfying and rewarding. However ,complacent outdated minds will not survive in the world of constant change which is the current NHS. Be proud of who you are, make the case for General Practice and maybe you'll make it work for you and for the others !!! stop the constant whining and help make it better !! you sound like your patients which you complain about constantly !

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  • Oh yes , I'm jumping for joy with my pension cut and 30% drop in earnings over the last 10 years . Everyone tells me I am cheerful and content. Sorry this is written in crayon but I'm not allowed sharp objects in here.

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  • not to do to many cliches but
    pay them and they will come
    ditch the contract comrades
    ditch the country comrades
    with friends like the GMC, CQC, the ombudsman, the CCG and NHSE, who needs enemies or the ability to enjoy the job?

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  • Dear 1003 We rejoice at the funding decrease from 11 to 7% of the NHS spend and a 50% increase in consultations in 10 years.
    The funding decrease shows clearly they value you wonderfully.
    I am glad you are happy, but then perhaps you work where funding is £220 compared to us at £120 per patient year.
    Recognising the pain of other folks is differentiating it from whingeing.
    There is widespread injustice in funding and workloads. Surely, I am allright Jack is a viewpoint, but my partner almost took his own life, so it is not mine.

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