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40% of GPs in one region considering leaving general practice

Close to half of North-East GPs are considering leaving general practice, according to the results of a new survey.

The poll of 151 GPs – including mainly locums, salaried, but also some partners and registrars – by peer support organisation the North East Sessional GP Group (NESG), found that 41% were ‘probably or definitely’ considering leaving general practice in the next three years.

The main reason given by GPs was stress from work, with other factors including the intensity of work and long hours.

But GPs said they would be prepared to work longer hours if ideal working conditions were met.

The survey found that respondents worked on average 25 hours per week, but that respondents were prepared to work an extra 11.7 hours a week on average if they were allowed longer appointments, shorter days, better admin support and more informal peer support.

Partners said they were prepared to work on average 13.7 hours more per week if ideal working conditions were met.

A number of the GPs polled in the survey said that being a locum had allowed then to have a better worklife balance and some said that they would not have continued working as a GP otherwise.

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Readers' comments (10)

  • How many said 7 day working and further over regulation would help? I can think of only one GP in the north who wants it, and I also believe they no longer work as a GP.

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  • 40% leaving general practice... So the remaining 60% leaving the UK??

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  • I am one of these. North East trained, born,bred and worked here for 15 years. Sick of working 2hrs extra a day unpaid overtime, no loo breaks, complaints, coroners, unrealistic expectation. Should have gone into accountancy like my best friend- more money, corporate romancing and getting your coat on at 5pm-bliss

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  • Agree with 10.15. I am in the north west and I am leaving for a career change. It is only going to get worse

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  • ditto

    i work in northeast and it's awful. i've cut my sessions to avoid burnout but it just gets worse and worse. looking at a career change also.

    would like to point out best sites are partnership run (friendly and supportive) - worst sites are private companies (workload dump and no breaks). move to super practices best way to destroy profession.

    fully support juniors.

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  • We have heard all this before. All these threats and no action. No one in government (or joe public) is listening to threats anymore.
    Time to go and let them all wake up and smell the .....
    People will get what they deserve.

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  • No one out side of general practice could give a flying £&@k
    If you have other options I can't see why you would choose to stay.

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  • Hunt wanted a 7-day NHS but in my experience it already is. I was admitted on a Saturday, treated overnight and discharged on the Sunday after advice by the Senior Registrar and the Surgeon in charge both present on the Sunday Morning. We do not want electives at weekends, it is only for the urgent things which cannot wait until Monday. Hunt complained that deaths were higher from weekend care in Hospital but the patients were more likely to die because of being more ill when admitted. It is the same with general practice: Hunt has made it unattractive as a profession by piling on the administration work and not allowing enough time for the consultations and by starving the whole scheme of funds so that fewer GP trainees are being recruited and the poor GPs now feel abandoned without hope of their replacement when they have in the past been a self-recruiting profession. Hunt should be sacked for causing so much grief. His money should be given to the GP training Scheme. I would also sack all commissioners from NHS England downwards for their clinical, managerial and commercial incompetence. Their contracts often fail due to non-investigation and they invite tenders for parts of services which cannot be split showing the commissioners to be a grave danger to patient health and safety. Commissioning has increased the administration charge on the NHS budget from the 5% it used to be up to 15% and heading for 30% in some cases to no benefit to the patients or the NHS: this money should be used to recruit and train more professional staff and improve the care of the patients. What the NHS Secretaries of State have done is to dump us all in this low level market in which back-hander corruption, clinical and commercial incompetence can flourish and that is a DISGRACEFUL abuse of the taxpayer's money

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  • Alarmist Pulse headlines.How many times have we seen this before."Considering" is not the same as actually doing it.One region does not represent the whole.

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  • paul 12.09
    totally agree
    for the proposed cuts to be even considered before abolishing the massive billions of waste due to the internal market serial failed privatisations and pfi would be unconsciable;even criminal as to maintain this ideological failed deluded *ullshit one second longer betrays a perverted sense of priorities.
    I think the management of the English nhs and its current political direction is frankly evil and disastrous.
    mr runt;simple simon..RESIGN!

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