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50 practices to benefit from £12,000 bursary to employ returner GPs

NHS England has identified 50 practices to access £12,000 in bursary support and employ GPs going through the NHS Returners Scheme after a career break or time abroad.

The practices have all struggled with recruitment for at least 12 months, and applied to participate in the NHS’s Targeted Investment in Recruiting Returning Doctors Scheme – officially unveiled in March.

Eight of the practices are in London, 12 in the South, and 15 each in the Midlands and North.

And they include a number of practices Pulse has been lobbying NHS England to support after reporting their issues through its Stop Practice Closures campaign.

In many cases this support, pledged in the 10 point plan for GP recruitment last year, has come late, such as the Kington Medical Practice, Hertfordshire which has previously closed two of its branch surgeries after being unable to recruit,

The scheme enables each practice to access:

  • Up to £8,000 in relocation allowances for GPs
  • Up to £2,000 in an education bursary
  • Up to £2,000 locum cover for when the new GP is undertaking educational sessions

This will be used to relocate and train GPs coming through the returner scheme, who will be required to stay with the practice for at least three years.

Readers' comments (7)

  • More of the same, didn't work last time won't work this time. They are making the mistake of making Primary Care GP dependant when it simply doesn't need to be -- these Bursaries would go much further if they could be invested in a broader team. Why pay £60 an hour for someone to dole out sick notes citalopram and amoxicillin?

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  • as above- Why pay £60 an hour for someone to dole out sick notes citalopram and amoxicillin?------------ Please answer why MDU charges £10000 (Ten thousand pounds) per year for sick notes/ citalopram/ amoxicillin. Surely risk is not of 10K just for doing above.
    Further how £60 per hour will pay £10k yearly MDU fees? How many hours will you have to work just to pay MDU fees?

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  • What about underfunded Practices that did not have the money to employ GPs or even to advertise for part time? Find it strange people claiming that they can't find GPs - they would have if they only offered decent conditions. We had 4 Nurses lined up for interview after one ad as we offered a better/ let's say a decent rate. Unfortunately, we don't have enough to recruit a full time GP, if we had the funds, we wouldn't even have to advertise as our locums are happy to join as full time.

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  • Currently in "North Americas best ski town" $15000 expenses and $15000 signing bonus. I have to pay it back if I leave within a year.
    Indemnity about 150 quid a month for as little or as much work as you want to do. NHS recruitment has a lot to learn.

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  • 3:18 AM: Skiing town? Brrr already feel the cold in my bones. Offer is fine but get some sleep doc, this is for the ski lovers and not to the fancy of half the gps in this country who come from warm climates.

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  • It's not 318 am in BC :)
    Could try Oz? I guess I was pointing out that others will actually pay a recruitment bonus rather than costs. They call it "talent acquisition", I feel flattered.

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  • Time zones indeed:) Guess, worthwhile trying anything to get out of this island which is overrun by megalomaniacs and arrogant know-it-all bureaucrats.

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