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GPs go forth

LMC sets up scheme to convince GPs to choose portfolio roles over quitting

An LMC has launched a new initiative to support GPs who are considering leaving general practice to become portfolio GPs.

The scheme, named GP Portfolio Plus, involves experienced GPs connecting those signed up to relevant opportunities through an online database.

Nottinghamshire LMC is hoping that this will help the area retain current GPs and attract the newly qualified.

It has set up a small team of GPs to work directly with those accessing the support and link them with relevant opportunities through a regularly-updated online database, which includes details of available roles, training opportunities and events.

The initiative, which was supported by the peer mentoring service GP-S, will also involve a peer support network for GPs to access.

It was introduced following a local GP survey which found that many wanted to work more flexibly but remain in the profession if possible.

Local GP and Nottinghamshire LMC chief executive Dr Michael Wright, who is a GP Portfolio Plus team member, said: ‘The traditional model of full-time working in a practice is not what a number of GPs want. This is also evident through the choices made by the majority of GP trainees as they join the workforce.’

He continued: ‘This service gives individual access to a range of support, from one-to-one sessions discussing how to improve the GP’s working life, to helping with training and diversifying their ways of working.

‘We aspire to make Nottinghamshire stand out as a centre of excellence for GPs and have made inroads towards this aim with our core GP-S coaching and mentoring service, which has seen more than 200 GPs access it in three years of running.’

Official figures from May of this year show that the GP workforce in England has continued to decline, with the number of FTE GPs having decreased by more than 1,000 since September 2015, when the then health secretary pledged to boost the workforce by 5,000. 

Readers' comments (8)

  • Trying to staunch the bleeding me feels.

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  • This is an excellent initiative but I suspect the unintended consequences will be more GPs reducing clinical face to face time. So; good for individuals. Bad for NHS.
    The only way to stop GPs leaving is to make the job worthwhile, valued and professional again.

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  • how about decreasing regulation decreasing workload and increasing pay. just to get us back to where we were 10 years ago?


    ok im still gonna quit early

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  • I would be interested to see the minutiae of the funding. Basically, the present job of a GP is shit. Much of the new funding for general practice is around similar type projects that don’t really result in any positive results for primary care other than certain people receiving funding for...?

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  • A gun to the head might persuade. Current GP-related work won’t.

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  • However you are still working under the same conditions with the GMC/CQC and manslaughter laws etc. Diverting blood away from a bleeding vessel does not help save the patient.

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  • I was at work and there are hundreds of pages of photocopies of notes, now free of charge to different agencies. Some of these take 2 hours + to do and total costs just rack up.I am incensed at the treatment we are meted out on a daily basis.
    We are just mugs and more mugs. This is added to substantial rent rises, seniority cuts and on and on.
    Just get out of this awful mess. The DOH is just there to shaft you at any opportunity. Here in NI, % for GP has fallen from 11 to 5.5 in 12 years.
    Do locums. There is plenty of work.A fair wage for a fair day's work.
    Doctors will always be needed, because the sick you will always have.

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  • I think partnership model is old and outdated and used to be good when there was no internet. New ways of working (sessional/online consultations) are way forward

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