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Next RCGP chair plans GP returners programme

The next RCGP chair is set to launch a campaign to reduce the barriers stopping GPs returning to work in a bid to plug the current shortage in the profession.

RCGP chair elect Maureen Baker, who will succeed Professor Clare Gerada as RCGP chair in November, said that she would be campaigning strongly for a change in the regulations which mean that at present it is very difficult for GPs who have not worked in the NHS for the last two years to get back into NHS general practice.

She said there was an urgent need to develop a strategy to ‘get the most of the trained GP workforce in the short term.’

She added that this would involve an increase in funding from the NHS in order to both train more GPs in the long-term and help retain more GPs in the short term.

Dr Baker said said that the barriers stopping GPs returning to work or increasing the number of hours they work needed to be removed.

She said: ‘This is about both increasing retention rates which is a real problem, and making sure any barriers to people working or working more are removed.

‘At present GPs who want to come back into the NHS must apply to their deanery - who must identify a practice where they can be mentored - and get back onto the performers list. 

‘Some deaneries and practices have funding for this and some don’t, there is a whole rainbow of different provision.’

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  • Dr Maureen Baker

Readers' comments (8)

  • This is the answer to the shortage problems? I'm sure it'll have a minor effect on nos. but surely concentrate on stopping the large nos. of full time GP's near retirement from retiring early.

    I suspect those criticizing Gerada will see how bad it gets very quickly . It seems a little bit wasteful in terms of time for the new chair of the RCGP to make this her flagship campaign

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  • Are you joking?

    I couldn't wait to take VER and get a proper life outside of medicine. Really proud to never have paid a penny to that bunch of jokers called the RCGP's too during my 30+ye career.

    General practice is dying and in no small part due to the RCGP's not standing up for hard working GPs who are concerned mostly about real patients and NOT the academic twaddle peddled by them.

    My advice is once you leave medicine STAY WELL AWAY

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  • fiddling while rome burns

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  • A canny Scot!

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  • Bob Hodges

    We have failed to create a blalanced workforce that has sufficient numbers of people able to work full time, and we have failed to create a working environment that allows aspiring fulltimers to work those hours whilst retaining their own health and sanity.

    The chickens are home, tucked up in bed and fast asleep.

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  • Define health and safety for GPs. What does this mean?

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  • I'd love to be a GP returner- Ie returning to the job I used to love. I cut back to 4 days a week to cope with the stress. I just do 4x 12-14 hour days and have to catch up on my 'day off', if that isn't my additional hours day or Saturdays unless in Saturday surgery. So stupid!! The crisis is already here that I can't cope with full time and I'm not depressed or mad just realistic that I want to see a pension. RCGP is becoming irrelelvant and I may quit soon and use the fee on Shiraz. Any returners reading this- DON'T. Enjoy life. If you can cope without the job do so.

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  • She did better act quickly otherwise the way people are retiring early or leaving, there will be quite a few areas without GPs which according to politicians will provide better care (read cost less) and give continuity of care 24/7.

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