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One third of GPs wouldn't choose general practice again

One third of GPs would reconsider their career choice if they were given their time again, according to a survey of the profession by the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

The crisis in Scottish Primary Healthcare report, which includes responses from 382 Scottish GPs, roughly one twelfth of the GP population, found that a majority (42%) would still go into the profession, but a significant number (33%) have said they would advise their junior selves down another path.

The report also showed:

  • Just 4% of GPs think their current work load is manageable;
  • 53% of GPs think QOF should be abolished, which the Scottish LMCs conference voted for earlier this year;
  • And the inappropriate and unresourced transfer of work and general workload were the top issues for GPs, with the least pressing issue ‘job security’.

In additional comments after the survey one GP noted: ‘[The Scottish Government] do not have a clue as to the time-bomb about to hit them with GP numbers.’

The report concludes: ‘It is to be regretted that the Scottish Government was unaware of this looming crisis and appears to continue to deny that the crisis even exists. The impact of this crisis is being felt far and wide and the problems that have been allowed to develop are deep rooted.’

This comes after reports last week showed almost a million consultations were carried out by GP out-of-hours services in Scotland last year, and practices struggling to meet demand either closing or reducing their lists.

Readers' comments (26)

  • I wasn't asked to take part in this survey. As a GP who works in Scotland I absolutely wouldn't choose General Practice if I had my time again. I niavely thought I would enter a profession in which i would practically work in the job I had been trained to do. What an absolute joke!

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  • Its a S£$t profession, the dumping ground for all and and sundry surrounded by a cesspit get it. don't do it, Wouldn't have done it. Wish had never done it. Won't ever do it again.

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  • I wouldn't have. As a newly salaried GP I am constantly feeling under pressure to help with the ever increasing non clinical workload. Aside from bulging surgeries and visits, mountains of docman, prescriptions, and calls, there is the extra CES/DES/QOF stuff to fight off. it's a joke

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  • I would be a GP again it is a great job just not in Britain or in a service controlled by politicians

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  • I thought the sun shone out of Nicola Surgeons arse what has gone wrong in the people's republic

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  • 2/3rds will choose GP again?Wow what an optimistic bunch.So all this talk of a crisis in morale has to be alot of hot air.Clearly things can't be all that bad in GP land.I guess the government knew that all along.Sorry GPC you've got to try a different tactic because nobody buys the story of the "poor overworked GP"

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  • I think general practice is interesting, varied, and the continuity of care with a personal list is great. I'd do it again.

    Just don't ask me to do it for more than three days a week; one of my partners does and he appears to be one GANFYD short of spontaneous combustion on a duty doctor day. Or any other day come to think of it.

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  • I would do general practice if I had my time over again. It was a very good job in those days. I worked hard, earned well, and looked forward to each day. I would, however, get out after 15 years and throw myself into a different line of work. My mistake wasn't starting in the job, it was hanging on optimistically in the hope of improvement long after we'd been sold down the river.

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  • my locum agency gives some lessons in GPs dress sense…and your make up is so tacky.

    old haggards in a baby dress….we can secure a good job for you …if you have a lovely figure

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  • Count me in and I would go further. I would discourage my children and anyone I know from choosing general practice.

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