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Practice managers' salaries increase by 4%

The salaries of practice managers in the UK have risen to an average of £40,200 a year, an increase of 4%, but wide variations exist across the four countries, a salary survey has revealed.

The survey of 600 GP practice managers found that average earnings are £45,500 in Greater London, where 66% of managers earn more than £40,000. But average salaries in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are around £35,000.

Bonus payments have been in steady decline in recent years, and dropped by 19.6% in the past year, the study found.  

The report, written by recruitment consultants First Practice Management and Towergate MIA Insurance, said: ‘The Salary Index, published on the FPM site, includes full salary, bonus and geographical data and shows that average basic pay increased by just over 4% despite squeezes on practice funding, reversing the 0.87% drop in average basic pay last year. The value of bonuses paid to managers did however drop by almost 20% over the same period.’

It also found that the percentage of practice managers who have reached partner status in their practices has increased from 3.75% last year to 4.24% this year.

First Practice Management general manager Steve Morris said that the pay increases may not be enough to keep some practice managers, who are considering early retirement or a change of role because of pressure in meeting Care Quality Commission and CCG demands.

He added: ‘Pressure on practice finances, which was a particular factor last year, is still an issue in this survey. Nil pay rises for a number of successive years still exist in some practices, with others also cutting back staff numbers, often by natural wastage.’

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  • a good practice manager is worth their weight in gold so I don't resent their pay rise at all.

    in my view all NHS staff are underpaid.

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  • Vinci Ho

    The job has become so hard for them that it is not just what they deserve financially . My manager has to lock on via remote access every day back home to carry on with the workload.
    Complexity of the job is incredible these days.......

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  • Elaine Parker-Boyd

    Lets see if we are worth the money.....

    I was responsible for: mending the computer, understanding health & safety, understanding LESs, understanding DESs. planning Extended Access, writing QOF protocols, completing Immunisation Returns, mending the photocopier, understanding Freedom of Information, Doing Satisfaction Surveys, employment legislation, fixing the burglar alarm and the light outside the building, getting the windows washed, organising locums, listening to whining doctors, arranging QOF visits, keeping the web site up to date, insuring the premises, Chasing unpaid invoices, paying the wages, sorting out National Insurance and Inland revenue with their incorrect data, listening to patients, reps, pharmacies, advertising for a new nurse, knowing what IM+T means, trying to find information for the accountant on things I just don’t have a clue where to find it, organising practice meetings, getting the walls titivated in reception, pay all my debtors by BACS, putting up eye catching poster displays, speaking to health watch, match delivery notes up with invoices, organising the Prescribing Incentive Scheme, dealing with patient complaints, dealing with significant events, sorting out the telephone system, more LES’s, Ringing Lasca to find out why I haven’t been paid and what exactly is that sum of money in the bank which doesn’t match any of invoices, Dealing with the drawings, seniority payments, paying my wonderful staff, checking the fax has gone through to ensure the salaries will be in the bank for the 15th of the month, more receptionists wanting to change their hours, more data wanted by the CCG or NHS England (by tomorrow), backing up computer data, liaising with the accountant, audit, maintaining palliative care register, doing an infection control audit, organising training, paying the electricity bill, stopping them from cutting off my water supply, organising a control drugs policy, doing appraisals, liasing with INPS over online prescribing and iPlato fro our text message service, ordering a new key board ‘Because the E has fell off it’… shame it wasn’t the Y button, organized meetings with the manager at the pharmacies, dance and cheer at the smell of the weekend!!
    Oh and not forgetting Clinical Commissioning, QiPP, GP Revalidation, CQRS, Primary Care Web Tool, Electronic Prescribing, Care Data, Auto enrolment

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  • Elaine - sadly not all Practice Managers do the list of things you have noted - some just have the title and do not develop and move with the times - these are totally over paid and rely on lower paid staff to carry them.... I can't believe what some people get away with in the current NHS!

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  • Anonymous at 11.31am does not sound like a very supportive individual and not doctorly. The Manager is quite possibly the person who is carrying this non-supportive commentator, and I wonder what sort of state the commentator's practice is in when they have this attitude. A good manager is worth more than gold.

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  • The role is difficult and more challenging than it was a few years ago. However, practice managers don't help themselves by working in more efficient ways e.g. all of them spent hours on CQC when one person could have done most of it.
    Sadly until they change the way they work stress and pressure will rise

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  • The role is not in itself difficult. The problem is the vast amounts of me to protocols procedures that are required to be available for inspection - various organisations require slightly different approaches to the same thing. Thankfully basic proctocols are available to share between practices but they do have to be personalised. The paperwork - submission mountain is the same big or small practice the difference is down to one person in a small practice (PM) as there is no one to delegate / share it with. Bigger practices tend to have PM assistants, business managers, IT /data staff etc. So the responsibility is shared.

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  • my practice managers were worth a pot of gold. they did every thing that elain said and on top of it they did reception work and cover other staff in there sickness.
    they never grumbled about anything. 4% rise is well deserved but it always comes down to what rise practice can afford. i was very sad when government got rid of there responsibility for paying the staff in 2004 contract and brought MPIG. now the are tampering with this as well.

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  • Some practice managers do all finance, legal IT and HR issues as well as day to day office organisation. Others are mainly office mangers and partners do othe tasks with aid of outside agents . So there is no one model of PM out there.

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