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CAMHS won't see you now

Programme launched targeting 16-year-olds to become GPs

A new programme to help school students understand what ‘life is like as a GP’ has been launched in Cumbria.

Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC), a limited healthcare company offering in- and out-of-hours primary care services in Cumbria, has decided to launch a two-day GP programme.

A specialist training division from CHoC will explain to year 12 and 13 pupils (aged between 16 and 18 years old) the process of applying for medical school.

Pupils will also have a chance to try out life-like situations. A series of workshops will feature: doctor’s bag, how to tackle an emergency situation, or visit a patient in the community.

On the second day of training, students will be able to join a ChoC clinician for a shift.

Together with the help of GPs, clinical and non-clinical staffs, CHoC aims at giving students an informed idea of life as a GP and of the academic steps they will have to take to pursue a career in this field.

Executive director of operations at CHoC Hannah Mason said: ‘As a social enterprise, we are committed to investing in our local community.

‘Helping year 12 and 13 students to understand what life is like as a GP will hopefully mean they will choose to come back to Cumbria as qualified GPs in the future.’

Readers' comments (11)

  • Cobblers

    That's right let's get them younger and younger. How about Peppa Pig's GP doing home visits? What? That's been done?

    At 16 they will be capable, most of them, of rational and analytical thought, enough to see the thing that looks like a dog turd, smells like a dog turd, might well be one!

    How about antenatal classes for the budding baby GPs? Too soon? You wait, some NHS drongo will come up with it.

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  • On day 3 the students will face a CQC inspection and have to cut and paste 50 policy documents off the Internet
    Day 4 someone will back an unfounded vexatious complaint about them and they will have to take a year off school while it’s sorted out
    Day 5 ...

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  • Well, you have to encourage them to be Doctors first, work like mad dogs and then be shot by the establishment as mad dogs who actually due to severity of this madness became GPs and deserved their fate:) Absurd is the in thing.

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  • Non-medical manager from CHoC (Cumbrian Health on Call) explains to enthusiastic but gullible children what it's like to be a GP? Might get more insight from Peppa pig?

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  • Evidence of Effectiveness? No, thought not.

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  • Cobblers

    Mind you introducing yourself to the kids as "Choc Doc" is going to be a good thing especially around Christmas, or anytime frankly.

    Mmmmmmmm chocolate.

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  • Edoardo Cervoni

    Best to focus on improving lifestyle education and to tackling the issue starting from Primary School. That is not just "on paper".

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  • Rogue1

    Nice effort, but once they're on the treadmill Medical Schools will put them off and they will all go and specialise!

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  • Why bother with medical schools at all. Just stick 16 yr olds in the surgery with a big box of antibiotics, and they will obviously do just as well as us.
    Even better, replace the top NHS Managers with 16-year olds, as they will undoubtedly come up with a better health care system that what is left of the NHS today.

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    Come on ... let the kids dream ....
    I'm sure lots of gp's thought they wanted to be something else ..
    astronaught jet pilot etc etc

    Aim high ..

    Many students could not possibly even comprehend going to university at that age..
    This shows them it is possible ..

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