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Scotland pledges £3m to train an extra 500 advanced nurse practitioners

First minister Nicola Sturgeon has pledged £23 million to increase the number of medical school places in Scotland and widen access to medical schools, and another £3m for 500 advanced nurse practitioners. 

An additional 50 medical student places will be available from August, with priority given to students from poorer backgrounds, Ms Sturgeon confirmed.

The moves are part of a £27 million package for boosting workforce numbers.

Ms Sturgeon said: ‘We need to make sure that we are training the right numbers of professionals – in and across different specialties – with the skills they need for the health service of the future.

She added: ‘Advanced nurse practitioners are hugely important. They already work closely with GPs, district nurses and other healthcare professional. They potentially have an even bigger role to play in assessing, treating and diagnosing people in the community – during the day and out of hours.’

The funding would help attract students from poorer backgrounds to enter medicine, she said.

’At present only one in 20 new doctors come from the most disadvantaged areas of our country. If we had truly equal access to the medical profession that figure would be one in five.

’That’s not a reflection on the talent or aptitude of students from disadvantaged areas, it’s an indication of how disadvantage acts as a barrier to equal opportunity.’


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  • Scotland gets it and behaves like a civilised country. England does NOT get and behaves like a third world dictatorship.
    How the hell did this happen??!!

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  • Scotland -

    better t&c's
    cheaper housing and cheaper cost of living
    friendly people
    good food & drink
    staff valued and appreciated by local community
    free university
    good schools
    progressive government

    all she has to do is have a negotiated contract with doctors and sit back and watch as recruitment places get filled. The SNP can have a right laugh at westminster's loss.

    the only downside is the weather !

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  • could this be the doh plan to improve recruitment in the regions and abroad as some kind of overseas aid - you know - poor Australia lacks doctors, so we will send over some of ours?

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  • Bob Hodges

    That's 6 grand each.

    Not bad value if the product's up to scratch. Sounds suspiciously like a pragmatic response to me.

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  • But is it her money?

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