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Welsh NHS kicks off ‘major’ international GP recruitment campaign in England

Health bosses in Wales are launching a ‘major’ international and national recruitment campaign to attract more GPs to live and work in Wales, including English GPs.

The health secretary said so-called ‘recruitment champions’, including the RCGP, will help sell the idea of working in Wales to doctors who are thinking of relocating there and the Government is already trying to find GPs to help.

The campaign is launching at a London careers fair next month, suggesting that the campaign is partly aimed at English GPs.

Vaughan Gething said that the Government will offer an incentive scheme to new doctors, and promised to continue to reduce bureaucracy through the reduction of QOF as part of its ‘Welsh offer’.

In England, NHS England said in the GP Forward View that it would target around 400 international GPs.

But the statement from Mr Gethring revealed that Wales is making proactive moves to recruit international GPs now, and is kicking off the campaign at next month’s careers fair.

He said: ‘We have developed plans for a major national and international recruitment campaign to market Wales and NHS Wales as an attractive place for doctors, including GPs and their families to train, work and live.’

The campaign is part of a ‘longer-term, sustained campaign to attract more doctors to Wales,’ said Mr Gething.

Mr Gething said the plans bring together health boards and trusts under the NHS Wales banner to help plug the gap in GP numbers.

He told Assembly members that the Government is working with the Welsh deanery to create an incentive scheme for a limited number of GP posts as part of its package to help areas with particular challenges filling trainee posts.

It is also looking at ways of reducing workload and coming up with solutions to professional indemnity.

RCGP Wales chair DR Rebecca Payne said: ‘It’s a welcome first step on the journey. If this is where we end up there’s going to be a problem.’

However, she said moves to debunk misconceptions such as needing to speak Welsh to work there could help attract more doctors.

She also welcomed moves to cut the burden of professional indemnity.

‘It’s such a massive burden. A solution to that would be brilliant it would release extra capacity.’

Readers' comments (12)

  • Well done wales for recruiting GPs from have eventually trapped them in your net.

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  • the best way is to detach wales from the rest of the UK and tow it to Australia - job done.

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  • ' such as needing to speak Wales '. Great journalism- can't even speak English!

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  • Forget it. Don't trust any political partyfrom which ever country. You will just be used abused as cannon fodder in the NHS. Leave the continent change career do it whilst you are young

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  • GP recruitment issues are not from a lack of marketing. The situation is from a lack of confidence in the GP marketplace. When house prices do nothing but go up, people are keen to get on the housing ladder. When they stutter or fall, people are wary of the risks, costs and lock-in. Same with GP partnerships. They managed to avoid meltdown in the housing market with quantitive easing, flooding the market with low cost lending.
    Politicians face the unelectable rationing of NHS care, or the unaffordable increases in funding. Sounds like the perfect moment to stick it on the credit card and "borrow to invest". I think more investment in GP premises may be around the corner for those who can dress up as a five year forward 'PACS or MCP".

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  • I worked as a GP in srilanka for nine years.
    Last six years working in Ae as a registrar.
    Completed MRCGP international five years ago.
    Would love to work In a deprived area of Wales if someone takes me on without much red tape.

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  • The Welsh have always had more sense.

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  • It is a real concern after reading so many comments. How dissatify GPs are here. I dont blame them. I think GPs are unhappy because they dont get paid enough and their work load is increasing day by day. If government think about reducing the tax liabilites and reduce the pension contribution I am very certain that people will come and work in UK. Why people are moving abroad - money is a most common factor and then comes other issues i.e work load no social life , complaints from patients, unsafe practice ( seeing 40 patients in 3 hours or dealing with them atleast)

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  • I was always taught, all that glitters is not gold!

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  • This is just more Bullshit.The real problem is that the Politicos don't know how complicated and restrictive their own rules are and how vindictively the Admin staff (and Deanary)apply them.
    What do I mean?.Well take entry to the Wales Performer's LIst.
    I have known of Welsh born/Welsh GP trained/Welsh speakers who have have previously practised in the Principality 20 yrs+,being denied entry to the list without re-training because they have spent a few years abroad in country 's that have health services that are based on the UK model.
    You can only conclude that it's more 'PC ',trendy to take people from Non-English speaking country's(where the under 5's are looked after by Paediatric 's)and spend even more scarce funds on them as a pretence your seriously addressing the problem!

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