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GMC appoints DH director general as new chief executive

The GMC has appointed Charley Massey, a director general at the Department of Health, as its new chief executive.

He will replace Niall Dickson, who has announced he is stepping down towards the end of 2016.

Pulse has previously reported that Mr Massey, in his Department of Health role, was criticised at a Public Accounts Committee hearing for being uninformed about the costs and ramifications of implementing the Government’s seven-day NHS plans.

Mr Massey was appointed to his role at the Department of Health in 2012, having previously served in senior positions at the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Treasury and Number 10, and as an executive director at the Pensions Regulator.

The GMC said Mr Massey would continue the work on reforms of the regulation process that Mr Dickson has commenced during his seven years at the helm.

GMC chair Professor Terence Stephenson said Mr Massey would 'bring a wealth of experience to the organisation that will help us protect patients and meet the challenges of regulation in rapidly changing healthcare systems across the UK'.

He said: 'During Niall’s time as chief executive, the GMC has moved significantly to become a patient safety organisation.

'With Charlie we will continue that reform by taking forward a number of ambitious projects that will help us to become an organisation that is more responsive to the context in which doctors work, imposes fewer burdens on doctors and the healthcare system and does more to support doctors with the professional challenges they face during their careers.'

Mr Massey said: ‘The GMC is an independent patient safety organisation and I share its ambition to work closely with doctors across all four countries of the UK, at all stages of their training and careers, to promote the highest standards of medical practice.’

Earlier this year Conservative MP David Mowat castigated Mr Massey at a Public Accounts Committee hearing about how little DH officials know about what a seven-day service will cost. Mr Mowat told Mr Massey: ‘I am surprised that you can put this policy in place without having some idea of the implication for staffing levels, cost or budget – that is, after all, what today’s hearing is about.’


Readers' comments (12)

  • This sums it up beautifully

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  • As an independent patient safety organisation shouldn't the GMC be castigating the government for under funding and under staffing the NHS to the tune of 2-4% points of GDP compared to most other civilized countries.Thought not lets punish the professionals who are working within this under resourced system.Smack of jobs for the boys and girls with their snouts deeply in the trough.

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  • I think that youtube video tells us all about how dirty NHSE is.

    He's been demoted by getting a payrise!!

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  • Surely a well-regarded, eminent physician or surgeon should be in charge of the GMC?

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  • Peter Swinyard

    So we go from a BBC journalist to a Doh PR man. Hmmm

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  • Took Early Retirement

    Isn't his official title, "Witchfinder Poursuivant"?

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  • Unbelievable. He'd be struck off if he was a doctor due to poor performance in the select committee but hey ho these guys are promoted. These guys are shameless.
    Another reason to not pay Gmc fees

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  • This comment has been moderated

  • is anyone actually surprised?

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  • How about you start by scrapping the dangerous proposal of publishing expansive personal information of those on the register.

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  • Well, the JDs are talking of mass refusal to pay GMC subscriptions - why should we pay for this body that we have no control over, and who does nothing to improve our working lives?

    Safety? if they were worried about safety they would ensure safe staffing levels, but lets not talk about that, as the DOH wants to save money after all.

    The GMC is clearly an arm of the DOH and we should refuse to pay our subs.

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