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A faulty production line

GP leaders instruct GPs to stop written reflections in light of Bawa-Garba case

GP leaders have declared they have no confidence in the GMC, following the recent case of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba.

At the LMCs Conference in Liverpool today, LMC leaders also called on the BMA to advise GPs to ’disengage from written reflection in both appraisal and revalidation’ until new safeguards are put in place, with the chair of BMA Wales warning that royal colleges have been asked to submit their members’ reflections to the GMC.

They voted in favour of the motion that said it had ‘no confidence in the GMC as a regulatory body’, despite BMA leaders warning against the motion.

The GP Committee warned that it would harm the relationship with the regulator.

As part of the same motion, conference agreed to lobby the Health Select Committee to review the GMC’s conduct in the case, with proposer Dr Zoe Norris arguing that GPs cannot rely on a review a commissioned by health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Dr Norris, chair of the BMA GP Committee’s sessional subcommittee, said: ‘GPs have lost all confidence in the ability of the GMC to be objective and to genuinely balance patient safety against the reality of being a doctor in the modern NHS.

’When you after your 14 hour day in your eighth month of working a partner down with another sick, with your list going up and up, when you make a mistake, are you confident that the GMC will be fair objective and balanced in its investigation of you? GPs have no confidence in the GMC as our regulatory body.’

However, BMA Wales chair and GPC pensions lead Dr David Bailey, said: ‘We have to have a GMC, we have to have a regulator, the public demands it and rightly so.

’We can’t start from scratch again and actually whilst there are real problems at the top of the GMC, the people who work for it are actually by and large people who understand the problems that doctors have, have empathy, have professionalism and are trying to do a good job so we have to try and reform the GMC from within, we have to change their policy particularly in light of the Bawa-Garba case but starting from scratch is not the way to do it. The way to actually engage with the GMC is not to pass a motion of no confidence.’

Motion passed in full

THE GPC: That the GPC seeks the views of conference on the following motion from the Sessional GPs Subcommittee: That conference, following the recent case of Dr Bawa-Garba;

(i) has no confidence in the GMC as a regulatory body

(ii) directs GPC to advise GPs disengage from written reflection in both appraisal and revalidation until adequate safeguards are in place

(iii) request the Health Select Committee review the GMC’s conduct regarding this case

(iv) mandates GPC to urgently implement a system whereby GPs can make collective statements of concern regarding unsafe care.

Readers' comments (38)

  • Looks like David Bailey is just trying to keep his job. I wonder how many sessions he actually does seeing patients. We need a new GMC and run by people who actually sees patients not the 1 to 2 sessions GPs whom the rules do not affect them very much. Let them face the possibility of manslaughter charges like all of us so no such unworkable rules will come out.

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  • The paper trail that Doctors have been obligated to have for years has always had "right" things to record and "wrong" things to record - who would be foolish enough to not submit a carefully curated list of events with "significant events" being at the level of discussing how to deal with a patient who was five minutes late for clinic and the discussion that ensued?

    Mine will for the foreseeable future remain a Potemkin village for the same reason - it is what everyone wants there to be.

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  • 'might harm relationship with the regulator'?? It's already awful!
    Surely : 'might wake up the regulator to the dire condition the relationship is in due to their actions' would be more accurate.
    Perhaps we ought to pass similar motion on the BMA???? Wake them up too?

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  • Also stop honest reflections in significant events ? which can be used as well.We want to improve and all learning should be free from this fear so continue to improve but dont document ?

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    The Medical Tribunal seems sensible
    If the organisation cannot be rebuilt from scratch
    Remove everyone except the medical tribunal
    For Us by Us
    Regulator run by medical professionals
    or those with a medical history..

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    Its insulting that Appraisal forces people to be dishonest...
    Plead the fifth .. the right to remain silent

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  • GMC or no GMC I am out of here. Canada bound!! and proud to say a really Good GP is leaving and
    I am leaving nothing behind, neither will I have any memory of being a Gp in UK for 15 years!.
    Indeed there is more to life than all these.
    Just take the bold decision to change course as you are solely responsible for your happiness in this short life.
    Bye bye everyone, bye bye GMC , bye bye RCGP , Bye bye BMA and bye bye NHS.

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  • In my view - the only subscription worth every penny is (in my case) the MPS - they have fought my corner in an incredible way - if anyone thinks they can rely on crown indemnity they are fooling themselves... I am not sure what happened to poor Dr Garwa - did she have indemnity & help - or can even the likes of the MPS not help any longer - I have not heard any comment from the side of the Societies..

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