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Government asks Lord Darzi to help bring patients new treatments

The Government has appointed former health minister Lord Ara Darzi to spearhead patient access to medical innovations.

He will chair the Accelerated Access Collaborative, a joint government-industry group seeks to fast-track NHS patient access to products to treat conditions such as cancer, diabetes and dementia, under the Accelerated Access Pathway.

Lord Darzi, an Imperial College London professor and influential NHS policymaker, said: ‘Britain is world leading in medical science and research, but we need to make sure that people in the UK are able to reap the benefits of this innovation.

‘It is vitally important that patients have rapid access to cost-effective, transformative treatments on the NHS. Doing so will not only improve the health of our patients, but will promote future collaboration between the life sciences sector and the NHS post-Brexit – benefiting the British economy and creating jobs.’

Lord Darzi recently set out a 10-point plan for the NHS for the 2020s, in which he said that all GP partners should be offered salaried NHS employment and called general practice the ‘jewel of the crown’ that must be protected.

He will replace former chair Sir Andrew Witty, who resigned in March due to a conflict of interest in his role as CEO of health infrastructure company Optum.

Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy said: ‘I want the UK to be at the forefront of breakthrough treatments and medical innovations – but often it can take too long for products to get from the bench to the bedside.

‘The Accelerated Access Pathway will speed up this process so patients can benefit from the best technologies far quicker – and I’m delighted to appoint Lord Darzi as the chair to oversee this important work.’

Readers' comments (7)

  • Lots of Sirs and Lords
    perhaps this is where the problems arise.

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  • How about forcing Darzi clinics on every town at huge expense? Why have we not thought about it before?
    The man’s a genius and has vast experience working in general practice.

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  • Need a 21st century haircut matey, the Bobby Charlton look is so 1960/70s.Jewel in the crown eh, more like the turd in the over chlorinated all inclusive costa swimming pool.

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  • Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy said: ‘I want the UK to be at the forefront of breakthrough treatments and medical innovations

    Can Somebody tell this Health minister please first provide basic services properly by funding them properly. British government is trying to provide Rolls Royce Serivce by paying Price of Fiat panda .
    When will these Politicians be in touch with reality????????

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  • Eeyore the donkey not available then?

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  • AlanAlmond

    If you keep asking the same idiots you’ll get the same stupidity.
    He’s all there is apparently. The only person out there. An appointment totally lacking in imagination. How incredibly depressing.
    This is the biggest current flaw in UK society as I see it. The same small group of privileged people continually shuffling round from high profile job to high profile job screwing up on an epic scale with no come back. An inbred incestuous little group of people who all know each other running everything in a stupid myopic way, all loaded with cash, never changing. And people wonder why we have BREXIT and Trump. There is no change, just more people like Lord Darzi. A country with a population somewhere near 70 million people and he’s all we have to do this kind of job, the only person they could roll out. FFS.

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  • Jones the Tie

    bang on Pradeep!! It's like they ( HMG) think they can walk in to a Ferrari showroom chose a top of the range model with all the latest gizmos and gadgets and when it comes to paying say ' well I've only got £5K so you'll have to accept that but I still want the Ferrari' Then are flabbergasted when the garage tells them that's impossible... Muppets

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