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GPs should use public 'trust' to sell benefits of, says Hunt

GPs should use their relationship with patients and the ‘trust’ the public has in them to sell the benefits of to patients, the health secretary has claimed.

Speaking in an interview with Channel 5 News, Jeremy Hunt said there were ‘better ways of communicating’ the benefits of the record sharing scheme, and GPs in particular should be the conduit for this.

He said that he was going to use the six-month delay to the scheme to persuade the public of the benefits of

Mr Hunt told Channel 5 News: ‘We will find some better ways of communicating that to the public, I think particularly through GPs, because I think the public do trust their GPs, and we need to communicate better through GPs.’

‘But I think it’s worth having that six-month delay because this is so important scientifically and this is going to save so many lives that it’s really important that we carry the public with us’

Mr Hunt also stressed that data sharing in hospitals has been happening for 25 years, but argued the only reason for the debate now was the Government’s decision to offer a public opt out.

The delay was announced at the end of February to give patients ‘time to learn about the benefits of sharing information and their right to object to their information being shared.’

Readers' comments (28)

  • Umm no.

    First of all, my personal view is against I don't know of any GP colleagues who isn't going to opt out so I don't think I'm alone in this.

    Secondly, we are not funded or contracted "sell" Mr Hunt's product on his behalf.

    Thirdly - has he not heard? We are full to brim with work, we do not have capacity to undertake this nonsense for him. Our prime function is to attend to patient's health, not data control.

    And lastly - given the degree of mistrust and undermining Mr Hunt has provided over the years, I would not do it as a prostest to his regime.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Now we know 'trust' is a product and can be sold.
    Whose trust is more important here? GP's trust or the government 's trust.
    Make a lie sound like the truth, well done , Agent Hunt.

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  • It beggars belief that a government bent on destroying public trust in GPs by spinning every health news story against us now expects us to use what public trust we have left to sell a scheme which we do not trust ourselves.

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  • Wait while I bend over a bit more so that JH can put his hand even further up my backside. If I really try he can operate my mouth and shaft me at the same time.

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  • Vinci Ho

    There was an old Chinese fable:-
    This emperor married his queen because of her beauty in the first place. Then she practised these magic skills and half of her face was destroyed . The emperor distanced himself away and ended up with a mistress(concubine if you like).
    One day , the empire was attacked by a ferocious enemy and the kingdom was about to fall. At the end, it was only because of the Queen's magic which saved the day. The emperor was full of praise of course.
    But typically , the emperor went back to his mistress the next day.........

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  • No Mr Hunt, Sorry, we are against this, although I am sure there would be some back stabber who would come out to support you, but surely grass root GPs would be against this ....

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  • Bob Hodges

    If you can find a practicing GP outside of the M25 bubble who actually believes in this stuff then you have 'leadership skills' in spades.

    More London nonsense.

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  • Sorry, not interested. Not in the habit of influencing people by misusing my professional position. The British public can be presented with the information by the government proposing it and can make up their own minds. Yet again the dirty shadow of politics and political manipulation falls on our everyday work. Next he'll be asking us to canvas votes for the next election. Patient trust in doctors is hard earned and needs protection from this insanity.

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  • We do not trust you Watak.You have used the right wing press to attack us.You have given a down right offensive rise in funding.You can go and shove your weasle words wher the sun doesnt no shine.I for one am asking my patients when they ask me about care data"Do you trust this government with your private information,dont tell me you answer decide if you want to opt out on If you trust them".I for one have opted my family and I out of this sham.You reep what you sow Watak.

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  • So JH now wants GP's do to do their dirty work fro them?

    Why can't they get the message, we do not want to share our Date of Birth, NHS number and postcode with the nation, I wonder what part of that he isn't able to understand?

    NHS England should have been honest in the first place, but they have lost the trust of patients and will never win it back.

    They tried to introduce this devious plan via the 'back door', they obviously believe patients are stupid, and anything the NHS has to say, needs to be taken with a 'pinch of salt'!

    I am now cautious as to what information I give my GP, but am so pleased to see so many GP's refuse to be bullied into submission on this issue!

    I feel it sad to see such a vile GP bashing session going on when the majority of GP's work their backsides off caring for their patients, on top of trying to have to deal with, what is no more than bullying by NHS England

    GP's are the NHS, one day NHS England will wake up and realise that ... before it is too late!!

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