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Gold, incentives and meh

GPs should use public 'trust' to sell benefits of, says Hunt

GPs should use their relationship with patients and the ‘trust’ the public has in them to sell the benefits of to patients, the health secretary has claimed.

Speaking in an interview with Channel 5 News, Jeremy Hunt said there were ‘better ways of communicating’ the benefits of the record sharing scheme, and GPs in particular should be the conduit for this.

He said that he was going to use the six-month delay to the scheme to persuade the public of the benefits of

Mr Hunt told Channel 5 News: ‘We will find some better ways of communicating that to the public, I think particularly through GPs, because I think the public do trust their GPs, and we need to communicate better through GPs.’

‘But I think it’s worth having that six-month delay because this is so important scientifically and this is going to save so many lives that it’s really important that we carry the public with us’

Mr Hunt also stressed that data sharing in hospitals has been happening for 25 years, but argued the only reason for the debate now was the Government’s decision to offer a public opt out.

The delay was announced at the end of February to give patients ‘time to learn about the benefits of sharing information and their right to object to their information being shared.’

Readers' comments (28)

  • Not my job - just yet another thing that "GPs are best placed to deliver" in addition to the day job. Moreover, if I have doubts about its purpose and security, I am certainly not going to abuse trust and pretend otherwise to my patients let alone actively promote the scheme.

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  • I thought the GMC had rules about this sort of thing?
    Everyone I know in research suggests we already have a perfectly adequat RCGP reasearch network covering over 5 million people getting on for 10% of the entire population.
    We dont need big brother and I am opting out so how am I to convince my patients?

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  • Data Sharing HMMM!. Let me highlight how we about data sjaring in the olden days. Patient's details had been sent to the hospitals from their GP in terms of referrals and treatments. What else we need to do then? There wasn't any problem at all. Patients do understand that their disease, diagnosis and treatments will be shared by the consultants and clinicians. Apart from this who wants to know about patients' details? Since Data Protection Act comes out people are doing unnecessary workloads about these. I am not agreed to these. It was alright in the olden days. Patients respected their GPs and Consultants and also the clinical judgements. Don't forget doctors are to save lives not to kill people. Data is nothing. But people makes this a big problem of sharing data and optin and optout so much complicated anyway. NHS has gone wrong and wrong. Who will save NHS?

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  • People have a brillient idea of destroying the NHS and the doctors. Mr Hunt needs to come t the clinics and see patients so that he will know exactly. I am afraid we are in the wrong part of the World now.

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  • I have no trust in anything with which Hunt is involved. The man is not worthy of anybody's trust.

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  • Surely pulse has miss spelt the headline.

    Shouldn't it read 'mis-sell' benefits of Like the banks did with their PPI?

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  • jeremy c***..sick.pathetic.two faced.our trust in you is now less than absolute zero.
    get a real job for once

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  • He needs the information as he promised Satan he would give that to him when he also sold his soul - as part of the privatisation agenda.

    The deal involves the bilateral agreement to share data he signed with the USA, to NOT SELL, but give for FREE, the data, so he can keep his face straight when he ells the public he won't sell all their data.

    The US private health care companies will analyse the data to see where they can enter the market.

    They give him a multi-million pound seat on one of their boards for half a day a month commitment to cont as a director or special advisor when he gets kicked out of parliament.

    Deal done.

    Opt out all your patients from, they can't remove all out GP contracts. Stand together against the Overt Privatisation from the DOH and all their cronies who stand with them, pretending to want to help GPs - hang your heads in shame - you ex RCGP private company types.

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