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A faulty production line

GP payment system to be reformed to end 'unacceptable' burden on practice time

NHS England will crack down on the long-running payment chaos that has heaped workload on practices in recent years and introduce a simplified payment system to reduce time wasted ‘chasing payments’.

The General Practice Forward View, released yesterday, states: ’We are also taking action to simplify the general practice payment system. It is unacceptable for hard-pressed practices to have to waste time chasing or reconciling payments.’

It also says that new standards will be introduced following a ‘review of payment processes and systems’, which will see NHS England instructing payment providers to:

  • Improve ‘the consistency and accuracy of payments’.
  • increase ‘the transparency and availability of information to support [payments]’.
  • look at implementing a ‘single payment vehicle as a single view with an itemised bank statement like reconciliation of claims and payments’.

Pulse has reported how practice managers and partners have been overwhelmed by payment issues in the wake of the Health and Social Care Act.

Thousands of pounds worth of QOF and enhanced service payments have delayed by IT systems such as the Calculating Quality Reporting System, which were intended to save time. 

NHS England will also introduce a new ‘failsafe’ to allow practices to enter activity data manually in the event of problems with CQRS or the automated GP data extraction service, which is designed to ’ensure practices’ cash flow is maintained’.

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Readers' comments (12)

  • Sorry dont trust NHSE any organisation that can confuse crown indemnity with crown immunity couldn't get laid in a brothel with £1000 pound down their undrepants.Ignorant/imcompetant you decide.

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  • ha ha ha ha - system A doesnt work so system B is going to - ha ha ha

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  • Harley Thespaniel

    Does reformed mean reduced?

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  • Why did it take so long for these pen pushers to realise the situation is so bad??

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  • NHSe never reply to me
    They pay over £300 per patient to some practices and £73 per patient to others.
    Somehow some practices can get premises funding where we had none for 15 years .
    No wonder well funded units get high cqc ratings
    No wonder some gps earn over £200 k pa and we can't recruit as we earn £40 k pa

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  • NHS Fraud should crack down on NHSE at local levels as that is where the most likely source of manipulation is as suggested to me last year by an Exeter helpdesk member.
    Last year on 1st April the list size was 4003 and weighted list was around 3600. This year the whole uplift was erased for the Practice as the list size on 1st of April was 3992 - 10 patients less but weighted list went down to 3400.
    Number of above 75s reduced only by 4 patients but there was a baby boom in the Practice. The Practice that does not have an MPIG should have got most of the 3.2% uplift.
    PCA in Kent did not log a call to Exeter when I queried this but sent an email statement that they had done so. After repeated denials by Exeter that they had not had any incident calls logged, PCA logged 'another' call unable 'to find record or number' of the first one. A copy of this call log was never sent to the Practice despite repeated requests.
    Exeter response to PCAs log was ' Our software is working normally'
    Despite my clarification what was the content of call logged, there has been no response.
    There are 5 Practices in the vicinity with a similar population but only one - my Practice -has weightage reduced by 15%.
    Three years ago there was a massive attempt by NHSE to force me out of the Practice and an APMS Medical Director 'advised' me to make a deal with the PCT Contractor under the threat of being struck off by GMC via a complaint from PCT. When I publicized this, the Contracts Director instead of explaining he had nothing to do with the threat, sent a letter saying I was 'an unreliable partner for the PCT and therefore my Practice would be closed in 5 weeks. I'm still here and repeating this stale story on this forum.
    The fact remains, the effort to strangle the Practice financially by reducing payments, refusing funding even for a stair lift has been on-going since then.
    We need transparency and not arm twisting and eye wash.

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  • I assume that GPs realise that the new payment system will be delivered by the same company that's just revolutionised the medical records transfer process.....Capita?

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  • Crapita. Just correcting your spelling 11:26am

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  • A cynic would say that this is not really for the benefit of practices, it is at the request of Capita, to make their PCSE contract work.

    They will then develop and introduce a proprietary system, thus giving themselves the contract for ever more.

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  • Nothing has changed since this was published over a year ago.

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