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The waiting game

All practices in England to be invited to bid for £1bn premises funding

Every GP practice in England will be invited to bid for part of the £1bn funding announced by the chancellor to upgrade premises, the health secretary has said.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Jeremy Hunt said that a letter will be sent to every GP practice in the country inviting them to bid for funding, with the aim of supporting more appointments and ‘proactive care’ for the most vulnerable.

The Government has said that the funding will be used for practices to offer new services, such as dialysis and chemotherapy, but there had been little detail about how practices would receive the funding.

Chancellor George Osborne said in his autumn statement that a total of £1bn was being invested into primary care facilities, in addition to a £200m ‘transformation fund’ to support the creation of the new models of care set out in NHS England’s Five-Year Forward View, which would see practices employing consultants, and hospitals employing GPs.

In health questions in Parliament yesterday, Mr Hunt said:  ‘The chancellor agreed in the autumn statement to support NHS England’s Five-Year Forward View with the £1.7 billion of additional funding that the NHS requested.

‘On top of that, the chancellor allocated £1bn of funding to transform primary care facilities, and I am pleased to announce today that a letter will shortly be sent to every single GP practice in the country, inviting them to bid for the first tranche of that funding with the aim of supporting more GP appointments and more proactive care for the most vulnerable.’

NHS England has called for suggestions from CCGs, practices and hospitals for how they will establish the new models of care outlined in its Five-Year Forward View - multi-specialty community providers (MCPs) and primary acute care services (PACS).

MCPs will involve GP practices providing a far greater range of services than are currently provided, with GPs employing consultants and integrating with mental health, social care and community services.

PACS will be hospital trusts offering primary care services and employing GPs, and will be concentrated in areas where general practice is ‘under strain.

Readers' comments (8)

  • "The Government has said that the funding will be used for practices to offer new services, such as dialysis and chemotherapy, "

    In other words it is not to help update or replace the out of date premises, but only if youget new hospital services in, and as we have tried and tried but failed to get the community trust and hospital trust to join us in a new project, it is mostly doomed to failure.

    Except.... that the hospitals who are now allowed to open GP surgeries will be able to put in a bid integrating their services, thus squeezing out existing GPs from this funding. It's another poisoned chalice for general practice dressed up as great propaganda for the government

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  • What about the only Practice in UK that is being given rent below what it was in 1995 despite increase in patient list size by 1200 patients and increase in services and premises use.It is the only Practice that has been asked to prove that the meeting room is in full time use day after day and been denied retn for a manger's office which is in full time use and houses the EMIS server. A Practice that has had to wait 3 years for first rent valuation and then deposit 3 PREMS to be able to get first valuation a copy of which cannot be had as it is an official secret.
    Marlowe Park Medical Centre awaits your response Mr Hunt.
    Please ensure that money meant for premises is not gobbled up by NHSE as in case of £86000 pounds given by Redrow through Medway Council last year for Strood Practices to NHSE which has never seen the light of day. NHSE has refused to give information even to ICO about this money and ICO has accepted this in a very docile manner making you think that ICO as a govt run agency is hand in hand with NHSE another govt creation.
    Lack of transparency is your main problem so deal with it before shelling out billions.

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  • I would like a slide to go from the 2nd floor, out of the building, through 1st floor reception and into a giant ball pit next to reception please.
    will cost <£1billion

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  • Vinci Ho

    This is not a money to help current problems and sustain stability . This is the money for entrepreneurs to chase after some over zealous ambitions......

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  • Is the invitation to bid addressed to individual practices, and only to individual practices?
    Is the money for premises or for increased services?
    If it is for premises, what is the deal and to whom will the premises belong once the money is invested?
    This sounds very much like a pre-election tactic not designed to solve real problems.
    Take Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
    The practices in the centre of Dunstable have been planning a Dunstable Medical Centre to contain all of them PLUS outreach, diagnostic, minor surgery etc services since 1998 and almost reached it three times.
    Would the funding be available for this when Bedfordshire CCG is £28m in deficit - and has just 'donated' the last 2 years of practices' prescribing incentives to help clear the deficit? (I know a CCG is a Membership Organisation but I am not aware of any consultation with the 'Members') or could it in fact be used to help plug the hole partly created by being 8.39% below Fair Shares?

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  • With so many strings attached, it really is not worth while. You can bet it will involve 7 day working 8-8 including all bank holidays, thus already taking out 99% of GPs. You can keep your money and watch General practice disintegrate. When 7 day working comes in and I leave my practice, I will be available to do locums at my time of choosing (not involving weekends and evenings) at a much higher hourly price. Being paid per patient seen! can't wait.

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  • What about us doing cataracts and endoscopy
    Could get some of the services off our CCG leads and their practices

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  • Will they support cataract surgery and minor surgery as our pct of old refused any funding

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