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GPC calls for special taskforce to tackle premises 'crisis'

The GPC is calling for a special task-force to investigate solutions for improving GP premises, following a roundtable discussion with NHS England and health minister Earl Howe among others.

The meeting was the first time that the interested parties in the premises debate have discussed the crisis and came as 40% of practices said that they felt their premises weren’t fit for providing GP services.

Speaking after the meeting today, GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said that the Government had accepted that failing to address the premises ‘crisis’ would undermine attempts to shift care into the community.

Dr Nagpaul said: ‘It was clear from our discussions that Earl Howe and the senior representatives from the NHS understand how this crisis is undermining patient care and GP services, and that it seriously threatens the Government’s strategy of providing more care out of hospital settings.’
“We will be calling for a task and finish group to ensure that solutions are found to ensure the GPs can provide care in fit for purpose premises to meet the expanding needs of patients in the community.

The GPC have previously said they would ‘hold NHS England to ransom’ over changes to the funding of rented premises after NHS England stopped a number of discretionary payments including trade waste removal.

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  • fat chance with this government..not interested on health care only their self interest

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  • Can't get the local Trust to pay me for an office which houses the server and is in use full time or for the meeting room where these bureaucrats have had multiple meetings despite insisting that list size has gone up fom 2900 to 4000 and there are pt group meetings; palliative carem staff and training etc. If I am to apply for rent for two rooms; first in an email, I was advised to given attendance/use log of the two rooms. When this was given, the goalpost was moved, Today I am being asked to give a 2 month log of every entry that is made into a room with exit and entry times of staff member and name of staff member who entered - this, for rooms that are already being paid. Are these guys insane in the property department or is it harrassment of particular practices because of past animosities. Since I bought the Practice premises in 2011, there has not being a single review. To blame the bosses in the Center is easy but you have to weed out lack of transparency and corruption at the grassroots.
    The last DV letter before purchase of premises was accompanied by a letter from Kent Primary Care advising that the valuation may be low so I should get in touch with a private company - GP Surveyors.
    This company contacted me 5 times - each time within 5 mins to a few hours coinciding with every contact with PCT by email, tel or personally. I raised this issue with LMC a number of times and then with commisioners but was told this ws coincidence and PCT person had no dealings with GP Surveyors.
    So today after 4 years, I am still banging my head against the wall while at the time when I began discussing rent reimbursement, a Practice had bragged that they were even having their lawns mowed by the PCT.
    Premises issues are an excuse to close Practices not to find funds for them. Those closed will have their patients transferred to friendly Practices in the neighbourhood with contact or given to connected APMS Providers.
    GPC contention 'they would hold NHS England to ransom' is an eyewash - LMCs seem cosy with local NHS England Teams and remember - you elect GP representatives but have no influence on the election of the Clerks or other behind the scene people who pull strings. This is my personal opinion and I can substantiate any information here.

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