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RCGP's new revalidation guidance aims to 'reduce administrative workload'

The RCGP has published new guidance on revalidation which aims to ‘reduce administrative workload’ and ‘emphasises quality not quantity of documentation’.

The new guidance clarifies the GMC definition of a significant event but, as already reported in Pulse, the main change to the guidance is to end the doubling of CPD points for demonstrating ‘impact’.

While revalidation falls under the GMC’s remit, the RCGP’s guidance aims to support GPs through the process.

According to the RCGP, the new system ‘equates one CPD credit to one hour of learning activity, verified by a reflective note on lessons learned and changes made. There is no expectation that this reflection is carried out for all learning, just the most significant and best examples’.

It also provides guidance on what constitutes a significant event.

The RCGP says: ’Most primary care trigger incidents (both positive and negative) that are used by GPs in significant event analysis processes… do not reach the GMC threshold of harm and should not be declared as significant events, but included as quality improvement activities.’

The RCGP has published the new guidance after its 2015 revalidation survey found that more than a third of the 1000 GP respondents had difficulties with revalidation, finding it time-consuming and bureaucratic.

Dr Susi Caesar, RCGP lead for revalidation, said: ‘It is obvious from the survey results that members were finding the process burdensome at a time when they are already under intense resource and workforce pressures.

‘We hope the latest version of our guidance will help to increase the dissemination of best practice while reducing the burden of documentation required. The changes that have been made to our guidance on supporting information focus on reducing confusion, reducing bureaucracy, and ultimately reducing workload for GPs when they are under such intense pressure with increasing patient demand.’

The GMC itself is reviewing its revalidation procedure, and will make recommendations next year, with an independent review publishing its interim findings this spring. 

Readers' comments (11)

  • You cannot polish a t.rd.
    Fiddling while Rome burns......

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  • The college should be pressing to kick out this burdensome rubbish if it really cared about keeping its remaining members in the profession.
    Dont forget no members, no RCGP jobs for the boys!

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  • It is out of touch stuff from the Royal College Like this prompted me to stop my membership a few years ago.

    I am not sure how their guidelines make it easier or less burdensome, but that increases workload l.

    I am not sure what the Royal College really do parking charge fortune for exams, just time most of us stop paying a membership and follow social media groups like GP survival.

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  • so instead of doing 25 hours and doubling it up we now have to do 50 hours with all that free time we have!! idiots couldn't run a p*** up in a brewery

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  • It's not revalidation that's the problem, it's appraisal.

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  • Revalidation and appraisal is bullshit.

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  • Am I being stupid but this appears to me to 50hrs of CPD with reflection rather than 25hrs doubled up by reflection. Thats more work????

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  • How on earth is this streamlining and reducing administrative burden? All the RCGP has done is remove the impact bit . This is disingenuous and displays sophistry from the RCGP . They will never make it easier because it gives their Revalidation officer Jobsworths and appraisers something to fill their time with and get paid . RCGP fully supported the current bureaucratic nightmare that is revalidation . Dont expect them to make life easier for grassroots gp's any time soon .I long relinquished paying them for membership and it was the best decision I made .

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  • As most comments here, this college lacks leadership, respect and authority. This suggestion does nothing to help the stress and already toxic or verminous life as a GP.

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  • Those who make their proclamations from on high affecting all GPs I suspect are the same, and if they spent less time massaging their egos to compensate for their deficiencies in doing the nuts and bolts of the job (eg practising medicine) then we would all benefit.

    I also note that it appears that using one modality for learning is no longer deemed acceptable. My preference is for online learning as I do not have to be in the same room with individuals who probably have no interest in actually being present, indulge in gluttony on third rate food paid for by a drug firm who have a vested interest in not providing an unbalanced view of the topic at hand. I have great distaste for prostituting my eardrums for the fee of a shoddy meal and if the RCGP feel I must do this then they can go and perform 'self-pollination'. Rant over.

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