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GPs go forth

42. Dr Hendrick Beerstecher

CQC challenger

Despite the risk to himself and his career, Dr Hendrik Beerstecher decided to covertly film a CQC inspection in his practice in 2016 with the aim of standing up for GPs against oppression and increasing administrative demands.

He broadcast the recordings on the practice website, alongside comments he deemed to be humorous – including ‘boohoo’, ‘secrets’ and ‘orchestrated smear’. CQC did not agree with his intended tone and said the comments were ‘upsetting’ for staff.

As a result, last year Dr Beerstecher was suspended from the register for two months after a tribunal held by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in November. It was deemed that there was a ‘real risk’ that he would repeat his misconduct which the GMC called ‘self-facing, motivated by his need to rally patients for his own cause’.

However, his stand against the regulator was praised by colleagues and patients who wrote letters of support and testified on his behalf in his tribunal.

Despite being back on the GMC register from February, Dr Beerstecher has not been readmitted to the performer’s list and instead has retired from general practice.

But he has pledged to continue challenging the increasing administrative demands in general practice and promote the benefit of audio files for patient consultations instead of ‘trying to meet impossible demands’ of written records.

Why influential: Put his career on the line to stand up to CQC

What others say: ‘Stood up to the CQC bullies’.

What he says: ‘I am 21 years old, and have been 21 for many years now’

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  • Top man!

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  • I was nominated by Adrian Mackie, and contacted by Pulse for a statement, this is what I submitted:

    · In your opinion, what have been the significant achievements in your career over the last 12 months? Please list as many as possible. – I have been suspended from the GMC register for two months.

    · What was your favourite moment from the last 12 months? – Being able to deliver high quality care until 18 December 2018.

    · Would you like to thank anyone in particular for any of your achievements this year? – I have had so much support from so many people, quite unexpected and humbling how much help and altruism there is amongst our profession. Our part time nurse Mamie Bishopp-Schyberg travelled from Kent to Manchester for three days with her husband and 104 year old father to testify on my behalf, without my knowledge. My practice manager approached several patients who wrote letters of support without hesitation. Our staff worked relentlessly to ensure patient care was not compromised. It has reinforced my belief that the great majority of people are kind and generous and evil ones in a small minority.

    · What are you working on at the moment, and what’s coming up for you later this year? – I will try to help change the way doctors are investigated, to remove bias and prejudice from the investigations of NHS England, NCAS and GMC, and to try to change the system where Responsible Officers act as NHS England employees on behalf of the GMC. I believe our professional regulator should be independent from our employer. I will continue to try to challenge the increasing administrative demands without evidence base that are marring the delivery of patient care, like nonsensical demands in CQC inspections. I will try to disseminate the benefits of audio files for patient consultations, so we can spend time interacting with patients instead of making medicolegal entries in the patient records, or trying to meet impossible demands of completeness of the written records from NHS, NCAS and GMC.

    · What are your current appointments and relevant job titles? – I was possibly already retired as GP in December as I have not been re-admitted to the performers list despite being back on the GMC register since February.

    · Where do you practise? – In Kent.

    · How would someone close to you describe you? – As an idiot for trying to fight oppression in a system as large as the NHS.

    · Tell us a surprising fact about you. – I am 21 years old, and have been 21 for many years now.

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