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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Hospital steps in to rescue GP practice in town where all lists are closed to patients

An NHS hospital has stepped in to run a struggling GP practice, taking on an interim contract at the eleventh hour as NHS England faced having to shut the doors on New Year’s Eve.

Humber NHS Foundation Trust will take over Field House Surgery in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, on 1 January 2017 for a period of 15 months – until the end of March 2018.

The practice’s uncertain future, Pulse revealed, jeopardised the viability of the town’s five remaining surgeries - who have all closed their lists to new patients - but with the new arrangements NHS England no longer has to disperse the list.

NHS England had failed to find a new provider when it run as an ‘emergency procurement’ last month but has now reassured patients there will be no change to services.

The 7,000 patients at Field House were on the verge of being reallocated after its current provider One Medical Group served notice that it would end its contract on 31 December.

Pulse found that the severe GP shortages facing Bridlington, which contributed to Field House’s situation, also meant the five remaining practices serving the town's 35,000 registered patients had been forced to close their lists.

Practices warned that they had been fearful of a ‘domino effect’ if a provider had not been found to take on the surgery.

And local GP leaders said that Bridlington, a coastal town with a large number of seasonal visitors, and above average levels of deprivation and frail elderly, could well be the first town in the UK where general practice ‘goes under’.

Heather Marsh, head of primary care co-commissioning at NHS England (North Yorkshire and the Humber) said: ‘We are now pleased to confirm that Humber NHS Foundation Trust will be taking over the contract to deliver GP services at the Field House Surgery premises. The premises are therefore staying open.

‘We would like to reassure patients that there will be no change to the GP services provided at the surgery because of the change of service provider.

‘We are writing to patients registered at the practice to provide them with more information and we want to encourage all patients to continue to attend Field House Surgery as normal.’

Pulse has revealed thousands of patients are set to lose their practice in the run up to Christmas as workforce pressures continue to bite.

Readers' comments (18)

  • Vinci Ho

    One of my favourite TV shows:

    ''The pessimist looks down &hits his head. The optimist looks up & loses his footing. The realist looks straight ahead & adjusts his plan." Walking Dead season 7 ep 2

    Good Luck

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  • what are the contract details? We all know that the acute trust will be getting more £/patient than the previous GP provider.

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  • Hunts going nowhere.... mores the pity.... NHSE won't change..... BMA doesn't represent us (Please tell me none of you are paying fees?) No-one values General Practice in the UK, patients think we should do everything for free, but will happily pay a consultant £250 for 15mins chat as they can't get to see them on the NHS, Press says we're all lazy, cr4p and overpaid, Governments is grinding down T+Cs.... why the hell are any of you still there? Seriously.... stop propping up the system that is crushing you, look after yourselves, walk away and don't look back. If they value you they'll come back after you.... if they don't, then you didn't waste any more time of your short lives on a system and population that didn't value you, remember your family is more important, and they do care for you, If you leave you won't be left with the regret of wondering what if. Don't fear leaving, to reach a new shore you have to let go of the one you're at. If you don't, what message are you sending to you children, that you were too frightened to follow your dreams?

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  • Please can someone publish the term of the trust taking over via freedom of information - what cost per patient and how are they going to staff it.

    If tab for locums will be open ended - then giving completely different and higher pound per patient funding will create a funding gap that is replicable to hold up failing practices everywhere, with effect of destabilising everyone else in the process, as fair funding would help all survive.

    Pay me twice the expected global sum etc, and I could resolve staffing issues and run it remotely - but that would never had been offered to GP's, even during the emergency procurement.

    If they have given an open cheque book - then this needs to be made public and offered to all failing practices.

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  • 10.54pm is absolutely spot on.

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  • I personally think most practices will be run by hospitals within five years or so assuming the current direction of travel. Feedback from the practices in Wolverhamption taken over by the local hospital is that the GPs rather like not having the responsibility of running the practice. Its just another version of the salaried model but looks more sustainable than the GP partnership model

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  • Hunt is a monster, he must be stopped from further crimes against the people of this country.

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  • Hunt and the elected Govt [is there an alternative?]
    have decided to run down GPs. So they cut funding by 50%. But Trusts always get more money per patient [ admin charge they call it], but this is how MAD, INSANE the UK is.
    Doctors up and down get different rates of pay ranging form 90 to 500 pounds per patient year.
    Totally absurd and unjust and unfair, but nobody does anything.
    Some A+Es have 4X , some similar wards have 3X the number of consultants per patient.
    When one Unit fails, they blame the current person, but give the new person a 20 to 50 % increase in funds.
    Beyond understanding. And of course, it is a commercial thing we cannot question.

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