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Labour condemns NHS memo saying practices should be 'allowed to fail'

Polticians and GP leaders alike have come out to condemn the news that some GP practices could be allowed to ‘fail and wither’.

Pulse’s story on a leaked report from a senior NHS England official has been met with concern from a variety of sources, including the Labour Party and the BMA, and was covered on BBC News at Ten last night.

Jonathan Ashworth, the Labour MP appointed shadow health secretary last week, said it was 'unacceptable for vulnerable GP surgeries to be allowed to wither away' and called on the Government 'to take action to protect those surgeries and the patients they care for'.

He said: 'This is bad news for struggling GP surgeries and the patients who rely on them.

'Allowing local GP surgeries to fail will only make it harder for patients to get an appointment when one in four patients already have to wait a week or more, or don't get an appointment at all. In some areas patients could be forced to travel miles and miles to see a GP.

The BMA also called the stance unacceptable, and warned that there was now 'a real prospect that patients in some areas will be left without access to local GP care', especially since the vulnerable practices funding has not materialised on the ground for struggling practices.

GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey said: ‘The entire basis for the practice resilience scheme was to provide immediate support to the hundreds of GP practices across England which are facing closure because of rising demand, staff shortages and falling budgets.

'The BMA lobbied intensely and successfully for this funding because there is a real prospect that patients in some areas will be left without access to local GP care.'

He was it was 'unacceptable that there now appears to be delays in delivering this crucial funding and that some managers seems to believe that GP practices can be left to close'.

He added: 'There are many practices who were previously performing well and valued by their patients, but are now vulnerable because of spiralling workload and recruitment problems beyond their control.

‘These services are not trivial: they provide vital care to families, older people and the vulnerable as the lynchpin of the NHS in the community. The government needs to deliver this funding immediately and deter a mind-set amongst managers that some GP practices can be allowed to disappear.’

RCGP chair Dr Maureen Baker commented at first calling the statement 'shocking', saying that 'far from leaving [GP practices] to "wither on the vine", NHS England’s resilience programme ought to be identifying practices that are at risk of closure and providing them with immediate practical assistance'.

She said: 'If this is not happening it is very concerning and we will be raising this with NHS England.'

But she later added: 'We have now spoken to NHS England at a senior level and they have assured us that they remain fully committed to supporting vulnerable practices and getting the money to them with the maximum possible speed – and that they will be looking at what further action they need to take to ensure that this policy intention is translated into reality on the ground.'

Paul Twomey, medical director of the Yorkshire and Humber area team had said that NHS England is ‘no longer in a position’ to continue supporting vulnerable practices ‘irrespective of their willingness or ability’ to transform.

As previously revealed by Pulse, GP practices are closing while awaiting vulnerable practice funding promised by health secretary Jeremy Hunt and this week we reported on a financially unsustainable GP surgery where partners are forced to consider personal bankruptcy because the local CCG will not re-tender the contract.


Readers' comments (6)

  • Vinci Ho

    One of the quotes from GO I always like to use so often ended up being moderated . Let me try again:
    ''Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for.Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the Soviet régime, or any other régime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a w****,always a w****.''

    Of course , this was referring to the forties and fifties but history always rewrite .......

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  • Widespread condemnation apart from Stevens, Geddes and Hunt......

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  • Vinci Ho

    ''If the upper beam of the house was not in the right way , the lower beams would all go side ways''. As Chinese said.
    Agent Hunt, you are ,of course , the upper one.,,.

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  • Vulnerable practice fund only of any use if it is accessible and to date has anyone managed to penetrate the criteria to get any money?
    It is as a result of ten years of underinvestment in Primary and Community care that has led to this point and a quick injection of cash won't solve the problem. Social care underfunding drives people to the health service which then cannot cope with the numbers and complexity of care needs and not sufficient funding to match. 80% of hospitals deemed unsafe and only 4% of GP practices found wanting yet NHSE want to let practices wither?

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  • Nice of Maureen to come out and speak for NHSE - let's ignore the fact that soundbites do not keep Practices open or that it's on her watch(can't let the truth get in the way of a bit of gong chasing)

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  • The idea that GP practices should be allowed to fail comes from the competition element in the private sector. The job of the Government in providing taxpayer funded public services is to ensure that every user is treated with the same respect and has the same access to the service. Any Secretary of State who says GP practices should be allowed to fail is failing the taxpayer and should be sacked. The Surgery where I was registered has been closed down and, when I had asked the commissioners why it had come to this, I received no reply, so much for their public engagement strategy. It was down to the fact that the list of patients was too small to pay a replacement doctor a professional living. North Brighton has lost several small GP practices in isolated pockets of population which arose from the practice of building block of flats on the edge of Brighton. NHS England found no larger local practices willing to take on these branch practices so closed them down. Previously the service was provided by a private firm which ran out of cash. The Commissioners cannot do this sort of thing. They cannot expect a private firm to make a living where a GP could not and they cannot expect larger local practices to take an interest in taking on other practices without offering some incentives such as money for an additional partner and nice premises from which to work. I think the commissioners are so incompetent that they should be abolished. This loss of GP practices is not a result of the failure of the GPs: it is the result of the gross incompetence of the Commissioners. Hunt is blaming the wrong people. Commissioning costs have raised the administration charge on the NHS budget from the 5% it used to be up to 15% or more, to no benefit to the patients or the NHS and it would be better to spend this money on recruiting and training more doctor and nurses, improving patient care and shortening waiting times which, as usual under Conservative Governments of recent years, are lengthening again.

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