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BMA wants urgent meeting with the Prime Minister over funding and Brexit

Dr Mark Porter has written to Prime Minister Theresa May to ask for an urgent meeting with her to discuss the current NHS crisis.

This comes after the British Red Cross branded the situation in hospitals a 'humanitarian crisis' and No 10 said that GP opening hours were to blame for A&E pressures.

Writing in a letter to Ms May, Dr Porter said he was 'horrified to see the position which [she has] taken in responding to the current crisis in the NHS in England'.

He said that by 'playing down what is happening in hospitals' and then 'seeking to lay the blame on general practice', the Government 'appears to be seeking deliberately to distract from what is really happening in the NHS'.

'The continual salami slicing, the presentation of cuts as improvements in the face of palpably deteriorating services and the scapegoating of those who work in the service have led to this situation, one in which patients’ lives and well-being are at risk. This should not be acceptable for any Government,' he added.

The BMA is also calling on Ms May to urgently guarantee the status of EU nationals living in the UK and working in the NHS, after she failed to do so in her headline Brexit speech today.

Dr Porter said: 'There are more than 10,000 doctors from the European Economic Area working in the NHS, so it is vital for the stability of the NHS and the future of medical research, that the Government removes the ongoing uncertainty and grants them permanent residence.'

He also urged the Government to place no cap on the numbers of doctors that could be recruited from overseas to plug gaps in the NHS, and not to scrap EU regulations protecting the health and safety of NHS staff.

He said that as pressures on the NHS 'continue to grow' it is 'vital that the current EU regulations which protect doctors from overwork, and protect patients from overtired doctors, are preserved and not repealed or limited in any way for new workers'.

In her speech, Ms May indicated she would not guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain until other EU member states had promised the same for British nationals living in other EU states.

She said she has 'told other EU leaders that we could give people the certainty they want straight away, and reach such a deal now.' but that there were 'one or two' member states that do not 'favour such an agreement'.

She also said the Government 'will ensure that workers rights are fully protected and maintained'.


Readers' comments (6)

  • The BMA can help,It needs to set reccomendations for a safe workload for all Medics in whatever brach of medicine they are in.It needs to get in the governments face while it still has members.

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  • Sorry "Turn out the lights" you're viewing the BMA as a trade Union whose purpose is to support its members. I'm afraid their cynical behaviour (behind closed door voting and secretive processes, suing whistleblowers they are supposed to protect, the likes of Porter staying at the head forever, MTAS, failing to deal with the non evidence based GMC wrecking ball) are only compatible with the BMA being public enemy number one as far as doctors are concerned. THE BMA ARE THE PROBLEM. Meanwhile the BMA spends members money campaigning on behalf of the NHS and climate change and Mark Porter awaits his enormous pension and seat in the House of Lords or Title for 'services to medicine' after presiding over a period where the medical profession has been all but completely destroyed. Surely the complete failure of the BMA cannot just be down to their ineptitude and amateurism???

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  • Council of Despair

    waste of time - better to spend time working on plan B.

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  • Knowledge is Porridge

    How can BMA represent us when we (especially me) are such a fickle bunch? A lot of people apparently want more money for the NHS but I want reform even more. I am frustrated watching trusts competing for locums and undermining their consultant workforce, failing to join up their IT or procurement. I fear a bail out for the stretched NHS right now will undermine the necessary reform we badly need.

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  • 7.37.
    Couldn't agree more

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