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Brave GP challenges the health secretary to his face

A GP who has made national headlines after telling Jeremy Hunt he was ‘driving GPs out of the country’ has spoken to Pulse about why she did it.

Dr Emon Farrah Malik, a GP in Surrey, was in the audience at the filming of the BBC’s Question Time earlier this month.

Dr Malik – who has only been qualified a year – took the health secretary to task over his claims that GP numbers were rising, saying: ‘You’re driving us all out of the country Mr Hunt.’

She added: ‘On the day that you announced your new deal, many, many, many GPs across this country handed in their resignation that day. Do you know that?’

The GP was later reported in the national newspapers as giving Mr Hunt ‘a TV grilling’.

Dr Malik told Pulse she was tired of his ‘empty words’ and had been waiting for an opportunity to challenge him on his claims about the NHS.

She said: ‘The “new deal” had just come out and it was fresh in everyone’s mind and there was lots of anger. It was just about getting that across, as I don’t think I have seen a balanced argument about these issues.’

She added that she received a lot of support from other doctors in the audience after the programme had finished. ‘They said that was what they would have wanted to say,’ she said.

Readers' comments (39)

  • Well done Dr Malik!
    if there were only more like you. instead our "leaders" cosy up to politicians like mr hunt while rome burns.

    luckily i forsaw this nonsense and left uk at the end of 2012; from the looks of things, its even worse than when i was there and i certainly wont be returning.

    initially i was angry too at leaving the country of my birth but now im thankful of the british politicians "we know best mentality" for now ive escaped it i dont think i could ever be subjected to it again....

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  • Why is it 'brave'........!!!

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  • [Comment removed]

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  • Politicians need to be challenged like this at every turn;

    i cannot believe what has happened since 2010 when lansley et. al came into power followed by mr hunt.....

    doctors have capitulated without resistance and there needs to be more and more vocal opposition like the brave Dr Malik so more are made aware of the true plight of general practice.

    Im sure that, were there leaders like this, on the GPC/ RCGP/ BMA etc the goverment certainly wouldnt have had such an easy time railroading through these deeply unpopular changes

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  • (Anonymous | GP Partner | 17 July 2015 9:09pm...???)

    Well done Dr Malik! We need more people like you speaking out

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  • Well done

    Younger GPS need to be heard

    We are brave as many senior lead GPS have shown they
    are too weak and not representative of the young guns

    Would love to take Hunt on and knock him down a few pegs, well done Dr Malik!

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  • Well done Dr. Malik. Whatever else you do (I'm sure you'll go far) by standing up for us, you've done more than the BMA and the RCGP put together already. You have the support of 99.9% of GP's. Ignore what the trolls and idiots say on this site (there has already been one comment, you know who you are). Keep it up for the greater good. god bless.

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  • @8:21

    its brave and refreshing to see a young GP standing up and telling things the way they really are.....

    or would you prefer every gp out there regurgitates the nonsense one of our pathetic so called leaders and states "its never been a better time to become a GP"

    the younger GPs like myself are sick to death of being represented by weak, ineffective leaders who are selling our futures down the river in order to protect their positions, pensions etc..........

    its about time more youngsters got involved and had their views heard.......i would be willing to bet that the government would not be as easily able to bully them either

    Good on you Dr Malik....... after seeing your performance its made me feel better about being a GP;

    asfor the rest of you doctors out there........follow the lead!!!!

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  • @ 8:21 and especially 9.09pm


    thank you Dr Malik

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  • "Anonymous | GP Partner | 17 July 2015 9:09pm

    As a Muslim [...] what you did was a very silly thing.You put your head above the parapet and antagonised the government.I would be not at all surprised if you're now on the radar of the M15 and GCHQ.Many careers have been wrecked like that."

    Hi mate is every thing all right with you
    do you seriously believe M15 and GCHQ have nothing better to focus their dwindling funding and energies on ?

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