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Dixon to step down as NHS Alliance chair

Commissioning leader Dr Michael Dixon will step down as chair of the NHS Alliance in January.

Dr Dixon, who has held the role for 18 years, said it was time to hand over to a ‘younger’ GP – preferrably one that is leading on the new models of general practice.

The 63-year-old said there were several potential candidates in the pipeline whom NHS Alliance, a GP interest organisation, would shortly be considering.

Dr Dixon, who remains a practising GP partner in Cullompton, Devon, said he would not ‘vanish’ but would remain a vocal member of the organisation, as well as being a mentor to new GP leaders.

He said key targets to work towards would be to develop the new integrated care models, as well as reinstating general practice as an attractive career to medical students.

Announcing his departure, Dr Dixon also said that the NHS Alliance would continue to broaden its activities to include other health professionals as well as GPs.

He said: ’The health service of the future should be nimble and flex to local needs, based on principles of collaboration and integration, and be relationship rather than process driven. Over the past three years, NHS Alliance has itself reflected this direction, attracting a constituency that extends far beyond our roots in general practice.’

Dr Dixon has been an influential voice in UK general practice for two decades, with recent national roles including serving as a special advisor on practice-based commissioning to Lord Ara Darzi and sitting on the steering group of a King’s Fund inquiry into the future of general practice.

He is a member of the National Stakeholder Forum, sits on the National Steering Group and the National Strategy Group for Clinical Commissioning. He is also a member of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit National Advisory Group.


Readers' comments (6)

  • I feel sorry for Michael. He is one of the last few GPs that campaigned for more holistic GP based care. Heavy Politics has now overtaken him. The NHS Alliance was once a powerful political body in the Blair days, but sadly we are moving towards Multinationals through TTIP that is about to hit us, despite the denials that TTIP will not apply to health care...yeah...yeah...

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  • I wish him well in his retirement.

    Hopefully he will have time to look at evidence based medicine and write articles about why homeopathy is complete nonsense and that his support for it was because he was too busy to look at the science. Politics got in the way of his duty to patients and he will now have time to reverse this.
    He might even have time time to chat to Agent Hunt and explain to him that science is better than ignorant belief.

    Sorry to post as anonymous but I get really fed up of homeopaths writing their nonsense to me personally rather than to the wider world. They are almost as bad as Pharmacists who try to defend selling 'cough bottles' as if they are really medicines

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  • Has anyone ever met a member of the NHS Alliance? In my 20 years in general practice I haven't. No-one ever mentions it, the only reason I know it exists is constant news articles featuring Dr Dixon of the NHS Alliance. Is he its only member?

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  • Homeopathy works and there is RCT and observational study research to prove it. If you are concerned Cochrane recently published evidence of observational studies being equivalent to RCT:

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  • As GP's we do need a good armoury of placebo's: They are a lot better than many medications we frequently provide for pain, anxiety, chronic fatigue and even depression. More magic water and less opiates and benzos would be great for many of my customers. Especially if managed in a supportive and caring environment. Is that dishonest? Where would I draw the line?

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  • Dr Dixon was a key ally of Andrew Lansley and was constantly rolled out in the media to defend the Health & Social Care Act. Enough said

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