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Dr Richard Vautrey elected GPC chair

Dr Richard Vautrey has been elected to chair the BMA's GP Committee, the body that negotiates the GP contract in England.

He beat off competition from GPC colleague Dr Mark Sanford-Wood, who was the only other candidate.

Dr Vautrey is replacing Dr Chaand Nagpaul in the role, after he was elected BMA Council chair last month.

Dr Vautrey will also chair GPC on a UK-wide basis, following today's elections.

Dr Vautrey, a GP in Leeds, was described in nominations to Pulse’s 2013 Power 50 as ‘the smartest hard-working GP politician who puts everyone else in the shade’.

A seasoned negotiator, Dr Vautrey has been a member of the GPC since 2004 and has been deputy chair since 2012.

His opponent, Devon LMC medical secretary and locum GP Dr Sanford-Wood, has been a GPC representative since 2011 and on the GPC executive since last year.

Dr Vautrey said: 'I am truly humbled and honoured to be elected as chair of the BMA’s GP committee for England. At such a crucial time for the future of general practice there can be no greater privilege or responsibility than to be asked to lead our great profession.

'I know there is much to do to deal with the workload pressures, resolve the workforce crisis and improve the morale of GPs but I firmly believe that GPC, working with Local Medical Committees, can turn this situation around and will enable a brighter future for general practice.'

Former GPC chair Dr Nagpaul offered his congratulations to Dr Vautrey, adding that Dr Sanford-Wood 'will continue to be a great asset to GPC'.

Profile: Dr Richard Vautrey

GP in Leeds.

BMA GP Committee executive member since 2004 and GPC deputy chair since 2012.

Leeds LMC assistant medical secretary, following 14 years as medical secretary.

Readers' comments (10)

  • Azeem Majeed

    Congratulations to Dr Richard Vautrey ob being elected to chair the BMA's GP Committee.

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  • Yes - congratulations. Never before has General Practice so desperately needed someone successful in this role. All GPs should give him unwavering support.

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  • Cobblers

    Let me see.

    GPC member 2004+

    So unlikely to be much involved in 2004 contract. However involved in the deterioration of Ts & Cs since then.

    Along with 'Keeping the powder dry'.

    Do I welcome this or think that yet another 'Buggins turn' candidate?

    Tell me if I am wrong but the record of the GPC since 2004 has not been good.

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  • Vinci Ho

    In Chengdu , China , there is a couplet posted on the wall outside a temple paying tribute to the arguably most intelligent military strategist in Chinese history,Zhuge Liang(諸葛亮). Those who had played video games(or watched films)involving the famous Three Dynasties period(184/220-280 AD) would be familiar with him .
    The couplet read :
    'Playing the mind-games properly , the enemies would self-neutralise by itself .
    It is well known through history that soldiers do not really want to be belligerent.
    Without a throughout analysis of the current circumstances , either a flexible or harsh strategy will create mistakes .
    Always rule my country(Shu) with careful consideration, not once , not twice but thrice.'


    This is for you , Richard

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  • is this good? or more of the same toothless representation? im more positive if the likes of nigel think its a good thing, so all the best.

    i sincerely hope dr vautrey does the best for us and negotiates hard - the profession is cheyne-stoking at present, we need a miracle.

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  • Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les mêmes

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  • Well done Dr Vautrey. You'll need your big boy pants on pronto.

    We need the GPC to get aggressive and nasty on day one, before primary care flatlines for good.

    Good luck.

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  • This comment has been moderated.

  • Council of Despair

    This is superb news - well done.

    We need continuity and the last thing we need is change or direct action. We have got to do what the government wants and support their non-evidenced pie-in-the-sky political ideas. We need to keep doctors like sheep and talk a lot but do nothing - so this is welcome news as I'm confident there will be no rocking-of-the boat and things will just tick along nicely as usual. What a relief.

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  • @anonymous Locum GP

    Totally agree. Am now ready to walk the plank and jump by the end of the year. Its every "man" for himself. No point waiting. BMA and GPC are self serving. Good Luck All. We all deserve better.

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  • 'I am truly humbled and honoured to be elected as..."(add appropriate appointment).
    Wherefrom do they all copy/paste this insincere opening line?

    Also to be repeated upon receiving the CBE, or is it KBE?

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