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Dr Sarah Wollaston quits Tory party over Brexit

GP Dr Sarah Wollaston, who chairs the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee, has resigned from the Conservative Party in protest over Brexit.

In a letter sent to her constituents, Dr Wollaston explained her decision to leave the party came after she could no longer align with her party's views on the handling of Brexit. 

Dr Wollaston was initially in favour of Brexit, before switching to the remain side due to uncomfortable feelings over the 'untrue' claim that Brexit would free up £350m a week for the NHS.

In her resignation letter, Dr Wollaston said: ‘It is with great sadness that I have today resigned the Conservative whip. This is not a decision I have taken lightly but I no longer feel that the Conservatives are the same party that I joined a decade ago.

'I can no longer continue as a member of a party which, in Government, is making poor decisions that will hit the communities I represent and set back the prospects for ending austerity.’

'After 24 years as a front line doctor and teacher in the NHS I entered politics because I wanted to bring that real life experience to help to shape and to scrutinise policy making. I was the first Conservative candidate to be selected via a full open postal primary in which all registered voters were given a say.

'In 2009 I made the case for the moderate, tolerant centre ground of politics. I will continue to take that approach as an independent MP working alongside other independents who share the same value,' she finished.

Dr Wollaston previously called on Prime Minister Theresa May to apologise for scapegoating GPs for the A&E crisis. She said blaming access to GP practices for patients being left on trolleys and ambulance delays was ‘pretty dismal stuff’ from the Government and a ‘failure to understand the complexity or own responsibility’.


Readers' comments (6)

  • Dr Wollaston was quite clear when campaigning "we should respect the result of the referendum".

    If she has changed her mind, perhaps she should give her constituents an opportunity to change their's as to who should represent them?

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  • AlanAlmond

    is it just me or are the current crop of politicians especially useless at the moment? the country is facing one of the biggest challenges of the last 80 years and random groups of MPs are making 'principled stands' resigning, rendering themselves pretty irrelevant but conveniently avoiding any difficult decisions and collective responsibility ...thanks very much Dr Wollaston, but how exactly is this going to help anything or anyone but you and your delicate 'conscience'?

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  • @Alan Almond
    I think Wollaston may be an exception, but there are far to many Uni graduates in politics who have gone straight into the political system with little or no real life experience to guide them.

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  • Vinci Ho

    I am sorry , ha ha ha , have to blow my own horn in here .
    If you read my previous comments, how many things had I asked SW to quit her party if she still wanted to keep a bit of halo on top of head and her conscience?

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  • And yet, Alan and Angus want to give these useless crop of politicians more money to spend. Despite all evidence that its not being spent wisely... I keep asking the same qsn...

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  • My respect for her has increased a notch for ditching the nasty party.
    Lets hope many more follow her lead and leave Rhys Mogg and all the other suit-clad,self-serving bags of organs to it.

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