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GP leaders join running as BMA gears up for council elections

GP leaders Professor Clare Gerada and Dr Chaand Nagpaul have joined the running for BMA Council, among over 20 GP candidates.

Professor Gerada, a GP in southeast London and former chair of the RCGP, said she is standing because she 'fears for the future of the NHS and doctors within it'.

There are a total of 107 nominees competing for 34 two-year term positions on the council, also including Dr Nagpaul, who is the current chair of GPC.

Other high-profile candidates include BMA deputy chair and retired GP Dr Kailash Chand, British International Doctors Association chair Dr Chandra Kanneganti and former Labour MP for Dartford Dr Howard Stoate.

Professor Gerada said she hoped her experience could help the BMA persuade junior doctors to remain in the NHS following the junior doctor contract fallout.

She said: 'The junior doctor issue has demonstrated the power - and impotence - of the medical profession, but we are still powerful and unless we harness that for the good of our profession and our patients we will all be the worse off and the only ones to benefit will be big business, as in America.

‘We must restore our NHS to a publicly funded and provided system of universal health care and I fear time is running out to do this. I want to be involved in the BMA and use the energy and experience I have to help our profession, GPs and all doctors.’

The BMA is shortly due to publish full statements from all candidates ahead of ballot papers being sent out next month and the vote closing 11 April.

Full list of GP candidates for the BMA Council:

Dr Rob Barnett, Liverpool LMC secretary and a GP in Liverpool

Dr Mary Anne Burrow, GPC representative for Scotland and a portfolio GP currently working in out of hours

Dr Christopher Browning, chair of NHS West Suffolk CCG and a GP in Sudbury

Dr Kailash Chand, deputy chair of the BMA and a retired GP

Dr Peter Crouch, clinical chair of Swindon CCG and a GP in Swindon

Professor Clare Gerada, former RCGP chair and a GP in southeast London

Dr Timothy Green, a GP in London

Dr Sudhir Handa, a GP in Wolverhampton

Dr Peter Holden, former GPC negotiator and a GP in Matlock

Dr Louise Irvine, current BMA Council member and a GP in Lewisham 

Dr Coral Jones, a GP in east London

Dr Chandra Kanneganti, British International Doctors Association national chair, former clinical director of Stoke on Trent CCG and a Staffordshire GP

Dr Hamed Khan, RCGP spokesperson and GP in South London

Dr Gary Marlowe, clinical lead for the Planned Care Programme Board and City and Hackney CCG board GP 

Dr Helena McKeown, RCGP council member and GP partner in Salisbury

Dr David Mummery, co-vice-chair of Hammersmith and Fulham LMC and a GP in west London

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, GPC chair and a GP in north London

Dr Laily Pourghomi, a GP in London

Dr George Rae, LMC chief executive in Newcastle and North Tyneside and a GP in Tyne and Wear 

Dr Vaiyapuri Raja, a GP in Essex

Dr Howard Stoate, chair of the south east London area prescribing committee, chair of Bexley CCG and a GP in Bexleyheath 

Dr Richard Wood, a GP in Aylesbury 

Source: BMA


Readers' comments (23)

  • nothing ever changes - maybe things will get better once they are all retired ?

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  • Vote for Hamed. We need fresh blood

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  • would love to see some of the Resilient GP or GP survival guys up there.

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  • "Professor Gerada said she hoped her experience could help the BMA persuade junior doctors to remain in the NHS following the junior doctor contract fallout."

    I despair!!!

    The only way that junior doctors will gain any control over their own lives is to refuse to work under the new contract. How on earth will caputulating to a contract designed to be more favourable to private companies help the NHS?

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  • Same old same old!!

    Dr CG will change nothing; She has benefited from the status quo ( owner of a body corporate calling for an all salaried contract--no conflict of interests there), inaction during the infamous IMG-CSA dispute..

    Young GP's reading this can you not see that with this line up of infamous cardigans who have all had their time and failed miserably nothing will change!!!!

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  • Its time for fresh blood to lead the profession.

    The so called "leaders" look after themselves and have their own agendas.

    The younger GP's and trainees can see beyond the smokescreens. The profession has deteriorated on the watch of the very same people who are standing and claiming that they will change things.

    Some of the very same people that propose that they have the solutions, have been responsible for creating the problems that we face today (or certainly looking away when these issues first surfaced)

    The young are voting with their feet and now we have senior colleagues who have actually in the past been allied with some of the politicians that are destroying the profession!!!

    I don not feel some people mentioned in this article have the credibility or capability to take the profession forwards.

    It seems to me that its a nice cosy little number and easier to be a manager and so called representative of GP's than being an actual GP yourself.

    Perhaps its the cynic in me but i very much feel that the future of the profession is better represented by new young grassroots professionals and we need to let the old guard retire and leave for the background.. they have had their time and need to step back.

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  • I'm thrilled to see a few new names amongst the old guard, particularly Hamed Khan who has been such an advocate for general practice in the media, and is brilliant on twitter and as part of the GP Survival media team. Helena McKeown is an active member of GP Survival too. There should be new blood coming in from the juniors side as well. But we have to vote these people in. Annoyingly it's a paper ballot, but leadership doesn't change unless we get our acts together and change it ourselves.

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  • Folks, please vote for Hamed Khan and Helen McKeown and Chandra Kannaeganti. Time for fresh young blood to try to bring about meaningful change. They are all good members of GP Survival . Voting back same old , same old faces would be just lkike moving the furniture around.

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  • Great to see people of the caliber of Hamed Khan standing up for election. His support to Juniord and GP via Twitter, mainstream media and GP survival Facebook group speaks volume . Time to replace the old guard and replace with new fresh blood.

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  • There were a lot of negative things that happened under Clare Gerada's watch at the RCGPs and I feel we are paying for them now. It is time for change for people who are ready to fight for us, who are unequivocally on our side we need GPs who are tough, who are able to see the big issues and who are not afraid to say it how it is.- tell me who this is and I will vote for them

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