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Gold, incentives and meh

GP shortages down to practices 'not delivering', says new health minister

An MP appointed as a health minister has vowed to make sure GP practices ‘take responsibility’ for having appropriate staffing for patient demand as ‘they get the money to do so’.

The Conservative MP for Thurrock, Jackie Doyle-Price, who has been made parliamentary under-secretary of state for health under health secretary Jeremy Hunt, says on her constituency website that GP shortages are in part down to GPs ‘not delivering enough’.

Though her brief has not been confirmed, there is a vacancy in the Department of Health to replace previous primary care minister, David Mowat, who lost his seat in the snap election.

Her constituency campaign page identifies that the local Basildon Hospital is improving and says ‘now lets [sic] improve our GPs’, adding that the loss of practices and continuity of care for patients heaps burdens on hospitals.

It says: ‘Here in Thurrock we have a shortage of GPs – partly because we aren’t doing enough to attract them, and partly because GP practices aren’t delivering enough to meet local demand.

‘This Government has introduced inspection of GP practices and we will be making sure that when they take responsibility for more patients they make sure they have the staff in the practice to meet demand.

‘They get the money to do so. They must invest in their practices so that patients can see their GP when they need to.’

Ms Doyle-Price has been appointed alongside Steve Brine, who is the MP for Winchester and Chandler’s Ford. Mr Brine bills himself as a ‘passionate defender’ of primary care and general practice.

His health campaign page highlights that access problems in primary care are being driven by the ‘consumerisation of healthcare’ and the growing problems of housing developments potentially swamping services.

It states: ‘As a responsible MP who puts the NHS first in his constituency I always want to listen to local GPs and work alongside them, as well as their patients to ensure we have services in the right place at the right time.

‘As more and more houses are built that also means working closely with NHS England on GP access and maintaining important, yet small, in-community provision such as we have in South Wonston and Twyford.’

Philip Dunne, MP for Ludlow retains his role as Mr Hunt's deputy and Lord O'Shaughnessy holds his seat as the DH represetnative in the House of Lords.

In a speech before the election, the soon-to-be chair of BMA Council Dr Chaand Nagpaul said politicians must 'end the callous disregard' for the plight of general practice.

jackie doyle price

Readers' comments (63)

  • Sadique Khans joke about Hunt is also appropriate for her.

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  • Again - a complete absence of insight into the problems facing General Practice. It is either wilful or utter stupidity. There did eventually come a point when everyone realised that the Titanic under their feet was sinking - even those clinging to the near vertical stern.

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  • Council of Despair

    i think what she is trying to say is that some Practices take the money from increased patient list sizes and don't then recruit enough staff i.e. they take the money for themselves.

    there may have been a time when this was true but the CQC seems to look into this i.e. ratio of GPs to patients.

    the reality is that many practices have no choice but to take on more patients as they are forced too and they would rather not have the workload as they can not find GPs to recruit or the money given is so poor that it won't attract available GPs.

    the way forward -

    1) close lists if you have reached capacity
    2) more GPs
    3) more funding to make posts attractive

    number 1 can be backed up by GPC if they are willing but 2&3 are the governments job and they are failing.

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  • Well, her perception of GPs not doing enough work is also what the general public thinks. (what, he has a 5 hour lunch break ?) Only 2 options left. Either resign from the Contract and become a locum and get paid for the hours worked. Or change the GP Contract to a fee per consultation. Different Fees for telephone consultation, in hours consultation, home visit and out of hours consultation. No one can then argue that GPs are getting paid and not doing the job.

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  • Outstanding display of ignorance!

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  • AnonGP1 you hit the nail on the head. Fee per consultation is the way to go.

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  • This could be used for the next Labour campaign on the NHS?! You couldn't make it up! "Out of touch. Incompetent. Inept. Clueless. Dangerous." This quote could end up in lights. A Tory aid firing broadsides at themselves! Genius.

    I didn't want Corbyn but this is insane!

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  • Maverick

    Sweet Jesus, I can't believe I'm reading this. What planet does she come from?
    What was the number of that truck drivers school.... I might need that number...

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  • AlanAlmond

    I guess if you accept a contract you are actually obliged to carry it out. We need to grow some balls and start saying no. We're in the mess that we are because we have continually agreed to pretty much anything that's been imposed ..all we do is say 'yes...' and then moan about what we've agreed to do. No wonder half wits like this woman get totally confused..why do we think contracts don't apply to us like everybody else. The error lies entirely with us for agreeing to a set up which completely shaft weak and utterly stupid is that? Why do we continually comply? Greed of a few? Trapped and no way out? I don't know ..the consequence is the lack of fellow idiots prepared to be GPs..those left behind continuously saying 'yes' are either trapped or stupid ..which kind are you ?

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  • These people were picked by Jeremy Hunt. Dan Poulter couldn't agree to do his bidding and was relegated to the back benches . Madame Doily-Carte is simply obeying and kissing Jeremy's Hamster.

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