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GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul elected next BMA chair

GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul will replace Dr Mark Porter as chair of the BMA Council at the end of this month.

Dr Nagpaul, a GP partner in Stanmore, North London, has been chair of the GPC since 2013 and before that a GPC negotiator since 2007.

A veteran GP leader, he has been a member of the GPC since 1997 and an LMC member for over 25 years. He is also an RCGP fellow and and a former RCGP Council member and was awarded a CBE for services to general practice in 2015.

Commenting on the appointment, Dr Nagpaul said it would be 'a tremendous privilege and honour to represent the medical profession as BMA council chair'.

He said this comes as 'the challenges facing doctors and the health service in which we work have never been greater'.

He said: 'Doctors are at the sharp end of chronic underfunding, staff shortages and rising demand on the NHS, and see firsthand the devastating impact these pressures have on patient care.

’I will work to ensure that the BMA supports doctors facing these pressures, and will lead the charge for an NHS that is properly resourced by the next government, so that doctors can provide the safe, high-quality care patients deserve.'

He added: ’I want to pay tribute to the hard work and leadership of my predecessor, Dr Mark Porter. The BMA has always proven itself to be a strong, independent voice for both doctors and the patients we serve and with the NHS at breaking point, this is more important now than ever in holding politicians to account.

’I look forward to continuing with this vital work at a pivotal time for doctors across the profession and for the NHS as a whole.’

Dr Porter's five-year term as BMA chair comes to an end following the BMA's Annual Representative Meeting on 29 June.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul’s CV

Age 56

Family Married (to a GP), with two teenage children

Education Medical school at St Bartholomew’s Hospital London from 1979-85 and did his GP training scheme at Charing Cross hospital 1986-89


1989-present: GP partner in Stanmore in northwest London (became a partner the day after qualifying as a GP)

1990 - joined Harrow LMC

1996-present: Elected onto GPC (has sat on 11 BMA subcommittees and chaired two)

1996-2007:  RCGP Council member  

2007-present: GPC negotiator

2008-2017: BMA Council member

2013-present: GPC chair

Interests Loves music, especially jazz, and London.


Readers' comments (18)

  • The BMA has amply demonstrated it's utter inability to help GPs in any useful or effective way. Why is anyone daft enough to give these people money?

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  • Congratulations Chand!
    Now let us see a joined up BMA supporting all doctors equally and stop the denigration of our noble profession by self interested politicians!

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  • Dear Chand,
    Now, what about getting the BMA to employ a Professional PR company, to persuade the media to recount the sad tale of General Practice today.It is in the media that battles are won or lost.
    If you do that, I promise to re-join the BMA.

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  • Chairs,deck,rearranging Titanic
    Don't do it Mavis
    Every GP who subscribes nails down the lid on the coffin of General Practice
    Blame noone,not ministers,patients,public;blame the subscribers

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  • Congratulations !! I wish you all the very best.

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  • Ironic that criticism of the Chairman elect is coming from non-members. Remember that he who pays the Piper calls the tune.
    The BMA faces intransigent mendacious politicians.
    Look how the Juniors fared even using strike action, which GPs have not yet been driven to.

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  • au contraire David
    The criticism is not of the chairman,it is of you, the subscriber
    Whatever they face they are simply not up to the job, and you cannot see it.
    By the way you have called a rotten tune

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  • Cobblers

    David Brownridge. GPs cannot strike. They are self employed and are contracted to work. Failure to work is breech of contract.

    They can, and are, leaving in droves.

    A form of irreversible strike action I think.

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  • Council of Despair

    The problem is that it is not the welfare of front line GPs that is important to the BMA it is the survival of the NHS - that is all that matters to the BMA (and RCGP and GPC). Once you understand that then you will undersatnd the BMA's actions. GPs are expendable. The BMA membership endorse that view - hence no surprise on the choices they make. As mentionned above - it is the non-members who complain but they have to realise that the BMA members and RCGP members put the survival of the NHS first. If that means the end of General Practice then in their view that is the way it will have to be. It is clear we are heading to a totally salaried service with fewer practices as the cost savings will ensure the survival of the NHS for a few more years. I don't see the point of complaning - best use that time to locum, pay off the mortgage and start developing another career. Non-members, locums, the fed up have no say so why bother - just let them get on with it?

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  • Anonymous Locum GP | Locum GP02 Jun 2017 6:22pm - Hear hear - A very good post.

    GPs should use the remaining (probably short) time before the NHS's wheels come off to become debt free and add as many options as they can to their future career plans.

    The BMA and RCGP are not going to achieve any miraculous improvement to the current awful situation in primary care. This is not a criticism but a statement of fact.

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