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Independents' Day

GPs denounce privatisation and competition

More than a 100 GPs have responded to a GP-backed letter in the Daily Mail which opposed a moratorium on privatisation in the NHS, as proposed by Labour.

The counter letter, compiled by Lewisham GP and National Health Action party member, Dr Louise Irvine states that those GPs are not representatives of the profession, and that many GPs don’t believe competition and privatisation are good for patients.

Their response has now received 128 as of time of publication, including LMC leaders and grassroots GPs, and calls for an informed public debate on privatisation in the NHS. It states: ‘The recent letter in the Daily Mail […] does not represent the views of GPs as a whole.’

‘They are not leaders or representatives of the profession. There are many GPs, like us, who do not believe increased competition and privatisation of NHS services is good for patient care.’

Signatories to the letter countering opposition to ending NHS competition

·         Dr. Louise Irvine, London

·         Dr Gary Marlowe, City and Hackney CCG

·         Dr Isabel Hodkinson, Tower Hamlets CCG

·         Professor Robbie Foy, Leeds

·         Dr Rhiannon England, City and Hackney CCG

·         Dr David Bossano,  Exeter

·         Dr Maggie Eisner, Bradford

·         Professor Trish Greenhalgh, London

·         Dr Elizabeth Murphy, Bristol

·         Dr Fiona Watson, London

·         Dr Mark Edwards, Southampton

·         Dr Elizabeth Paul, London

·         Professor Gene Feder, Bristol

·         Dr Andrew Green, Hedon, East Yorkshire

·         Dr Bryony Kendall, Liverpool

·         Dr Naomi Beer, London

·         Dr Jim Cole, London

·         Professor Aneez Esmail, Manchester

·         Dr Claire Davies, London

·         Dr Lauren Cooper-Jones, Bristol

·         Dr Barbara Wesby, London

·         Dr Rebecca Redwood, London

·         Dr Jillian Creasy, Sheffield

·         Dr Helen Murrell, Gateshead

·         Dr Marta Buszewicz, London

·         Dr Charlotte Bryson, Sheffield

·         Dr Hubertus von Blumenthal, Gamlingay

·         Dr Tim Dowson, Newcastle

·         Dr Paul Hobday, Maidstone

·         Dr Jonny Coates, Newcastle

·         Dr Simon Spooner, Kettering

·         Dr Khalid Ismail, London

·         Dr Nicola Dowling, Liverpool

·         Dr Mike Fitchett, London

·         Dr Kate Stobbart, Newcastle

·         Dr Jackie Applebee, London

·         Dr Marek Koperski, London

·         Dr Paul Julian, London

·         Dr Richard Ma, London

·         Dr Anita Patel, London

·         Dr Phillip Bennett-Richards, London

·         Dr Julian Bashforth, Petersfield

·         Dr Anjum Iqbal, Enfield

·         Dr Sophia Galloway,West Sussex

·         Dr Mary McCarthy, Shrewsbury

·         Dr Joanna Sudell, London

·         Dr Riz Noor, London

·         Dr Osman Bhatti, Tower Hamlets CCG

·         Dr David Wrigley, Carnforth

·         Dr Harriet Dickson, Exeter

·         Dr Grant Ingrams, Coventry

·         Dr Nicola Beck, Eastbourne

·         Dr Helen Groom, Gateshead

·         Dr Kate Cabot, London

·         Dr David Weinstein, Brighton

·         Dr David Bell, London

·         Dr Chris Johnstone, Paisley

·         Dr Robert MacGibbon, Saxmundham

·         Dr Helga Rhein, Edinburgh

·         Dr Richard Savage, London

·         Dr Suzanne Savage, London

·         Dr Judith Cook, London

·         Dr Anne Solomon, London

·         Dr Richard Ayres, Plymouth

·         Dr Ruth Silverman, London

·         Dr John Caldwell, Liverpool

·         Dr Adam Skinner, Westerham

·         Dr David Barnes, Hull

·         Dr Una Macleod, Hull

·         Dr Richard Courtenay, Leamington Spa

·         Dr Sally Walker, North Shields

·         Dr Martin Edwards, London

·         Dr Naz Pambakian, Acton

·         Dr Victoria Holt, London

·         Dr John McNulty, Newcastle

·         Dr Coral Jones, London

·         Dr Julia Hodges, London

·         Dr Pam Martin, London

·         Dr Peter Buchman, London

·         Dr Mary Edmondson, London

·         Dr Jamie Macpherson, Coventry

·         Dr Nick Price, Bradford

·         Dr Guru Singh, Loughborough

·         Professor Steve Iliffe, London

·         Dr Nicola Hagdrup, London

·         Dr C A Ryle, Chichester

·         Dr Andrew Platman, London

·         Dr Timothy Bland, Romford

·         Dr Dan Bernstein, London

·         Dr Val Goodger, Hereford

·         Dr Philippa Matthews, London

·         Dr Andy Tate, London

·         Dr Ishani Salpadoru, London

·         Dr Patrick Kiernan, London

·         Dr Ruth Taylor, London

·         Dr Lisa Miller, Oxford

·         Dr Sally Higginbottom, London

·         Dr Barbara Jacobs, London

·         Dr Mike Tomson, Sheffield

·         Dr Nigel Dickson, Southampton

·         Dr Sabry Sadek, Brighton

·         Dr David Jenner, Cullompton, Devon

·         Dr Alun Griffiths, Bradford

·         Dr Kabiz Boomla, London

·         Dr Stuart Laurie, Liverpool

·         Dr Wendy Ross, Newcastle

·         Dr George Farrelly, London

·         D David Wheeler, Greenwich

·         Dr Steve Ford, Haydon Bridge

·         Dr David Porteous, Bristol

·         Dr Andrew Wilson, Watford

·         Dr Frances Diffley, London

·         Dr Emily Witt, London

·         Dr Pam Wortley, Sunderland

·         Dr Deborah Colvin, London

·         Dr Sally Stewart, Keighley

·         Dr Rod Escombe, London

·         Dr Margaret McCartney, Glasgow

·         Dr Lis Davidson, Liverpool

·         Dr Paul Cassidy, Huddersfield

·         Dr John Sharvill, Deal, Kent

·         Dr Carole Clouter, Southampton

·         Dr Mary Logan, London

·         Dr Sarah Ritchie, London

·         Dr Paul Julian, London

·         Dr Alison Smailes, London

·         Dr S Chatfield, Letchworth

·         Dr Paul Mullen, Liverpool

·         Dr Anna Livingstone, London


Readers' comments (5)

  • They have my support. Healthcare as a modern business is a ridiculous idea. As a profession it worked

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  • Harry Longman

    The battle hots up, between the antis and the anti-antis. Now the anti-anti-antis weigh in.
    But will they each please declare whether they are private contractors to the NHS (profit making GP partners competing with other GPs) or wage slaves toiling for the above capitalist dogs, or minions of superstate monstrosity death committee NHS?

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  • GP "profit" is a salary equivalent, therefore it should properly be counted as expenses - a cost of providing the service. If this is done then there is no profit. There is no surplus going into shareholders pockets. DDRB was tasked with keeping GP income at parity with consultants. Of course, DDRB is now recommending below inflation remuneration and is often ignored by government anyway, but the principle remains - GP income is controlled to maintain it as an approximate salary equivalent to consultants who are NHS employees. Therefore GPs are regarded, in remuneration terms, as NHS employees. This is reflected in fact that they are part of NHS pension scheme. Its also a fact that GP principals cannot sell their practices as "businesses" - the ban on sale of goodwill was introduced at the founding of the NHS. So this is another way that GP practices are not the same as private businesses. Basically we are professionals who just have a very odd contractual relationship with NHS which does not diminish the fact that we are part of the NHS structurally, we feel we are part of the NHS professionally, and our patients see us as part of the NHS in a way they will never regard Virgin, ATOS, SERCO, Care UK, United Health, Carillion, G4S, Bridgepoint hedge fund or any of the other for profit corporations running NHS services.

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  • Yes, I am a partner, my income is my share of the profits, but I deal with the patient in front of me.

    I need to be able to pay my bills, but I don't look on that patient as an income generator. I feel my patient's pain and try to treat them as well as I would my family.

    A corporate like BUPA or Virgin would want to sweat the assets and would be bad for both patient and doctor.

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  • Dear Harry Longman
    In what way are you a 'healthcare professional'?

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