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A faulty production line

Jeremy Hunt reappointed health secretary

Jeremy Hunt will remain health secretary in the new Conservative Government, the Prime Minister has announced.

Since taking on the role from Andrew Lansley in September 2012, Mr Hunt has notably slashed the QOF by 40%, allowed CCGs to take on general practice commissioning responsibilities and introduced ‘named GPs’ for every patient.

But Mr Hunt, who is the MP for South West Surrey, has also made a number of comments attacked by GPs, including when he blamed the A&E crisis on GPs just six months into the role.

The comment, which he later repeated on numerous occasions, suggested that letting practices relinquish out-of-hours responsibility via the 2004 GP contract had been a ‘diastrous’ decision by the then-Labour Party-led Government.

Meanwhile last year Mr Hunt also attracted a GP backlash when he said that GPs who fail to spot and diagnose cancers should be publicly ‘named and shamed’.

Most recently, Mr Hunt has refused to commit to giving GPs future real-terms pay increases and he has also welcomed his party’s plans for a seven-day NHS, which would see GPs open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Prior to becoming health secretary Mr Hunt was the Coalition Government’s culture secretary, overseeing the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Alistair Burt has been appointed a health minister, but the other health ministers in the department have yet to be announced.

Readers' comments (35)

  • Poor Hunt will be so pissed off with Dave. This is obviously designed to keep him from mounting a successful leadership challenge in the years to come.
    Now, which group of healthcare professionals will bear the brunt of his frustration...

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  • Oh god help us

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  • Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.......

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  • Hooray, best health secretary ever. Just look at what we've acheived under his leadership;

    We have been the goose that laid a golden egg, have squeezed a quart out of a pint pot, fashioned a silk purse from porcine auricle, found the hen's tooth and delivered it to Jeremy via a flying pig.

    Best wishes to all my collegues, I'm off to plant some beans that I found on my way to market.

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  • Anonymous | GP Partner | 11 May 2015 3:35pm

    I think you hit the nail on the head there! If NHS fails, he'll likely be blamed for it (as many of us here do, although I think the policy is Tories policy, not just Hunt's).

    Either way NHS is designed to fail now. Only way out for both NHS and Jeremy Hunt is for him to keep NHS just alive until end of his term but still keeping to Tories budget cut somehow.

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  • With the conservative victory - this should not have been a surprise.

    Jeremy Hunt has been politically astute and has managed to deflect a lot of potential issues re: Lansley' disastrous bill re-organizing the NHS - the biggest in it's history.

    Hunt has made the service more efficient and managed with no real disaster (no midstaffordshire crisis) to implement changes whilst reducing costs.

    we can look forward to the inevitable 7 day a week 12 hr a day service that the public wants - and the continued privatization of services. I suspect by the next election 24 hr access will be on the cards. I also suspect total salaried service with pay reduction is also on the cards. We should heed the call of the voters - this is what they want.

    As for the GP 'crisis' it is no accident that the RCGP is exploring PAs. The increase in GPs will likely be 8000 clinicians that can do the job of a 'GP'. So the existing number of GPs will do as they will work alongside PAs and NPs. So there simply is no 'crisis'

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  • Expect the use of scare tactics around the break up of the union and our relationship with Europe to be used to cover the real news of NHS privatisation, break up and destruction. Whilst we won't endure another reorganisation (well, maybe a minor one) we will have to watch whilst the patient (the NHS) dies on our watch. If we stay we'll be blamed, if we go, we'll be blamed.

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  • 'I also suspect total salaried service with pay reduction is also on the cards'

    Compulsary purchase of our property?

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  • He has "travelled through time" and nothing can stop him......he is here to terminate our old contracts and bring in the new 7/7 contract.....Hunt is the "GP Terminator"

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  • Bob Hodges

    When the only positive aspect to this is 'well thank God it wasn't Gove', you know the brown stuff is airborne and on an intercept course with the fan.

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