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A faulty production line

Jeremy Hunt reappointed health secretary

Jeremy Hunt will remain health secretary in the new Conservative Government, the Prime Minister has announced.

Since taking on the role from Andrew Lansley in September 2012, Mr Hunt has notably slashed the QOF by 40%, allowed CCGs to take on general practice commissioning responsibilities and introduced ‘named GPs’ for every patient.

But Mr Hunt, who is the MP for South West Surrey, has also made a number of comments attacked by GPs, including when he blamed the A&E crisis on GPs just six months into the role.

The comment, which he later repeated on numerous occasions, suggested that letting practices relinquish out-of-hours responsibility via the 2004 GP contract had been a ‘diastrous’ decision by the then-Labour Party-led Government.

Meanwhile last year Mr Hunt also attracted a GP backlash when he said that GPs who fail to spot and diagnose cancers should be publicly ‘named and shamed’.

Most recently, Mr Hunt has refused to commit to giving GPs future real-terms pay increases and he has also welcomed his party’s plans for a seven-day NHS, which would see GPs open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Prior to becoming health secretary Mr Hunt was the Coalition Government’s culture secretary, overseeing the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Alistair Burt has been appointed a health minister, but the other health ministers in the department have yet to be announced.

Readers' comments (35)

  • Bob, unfortunately they've taken to the new Dyson Airwave, and we're on the other side - covered in it.

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  • There is justice after all. Jeremy will be in the firing line when primary care takes a final dump .

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  • From Mr Hunts point of view, he now been given a strong mandate to press on with NHS privatization. Since we live in a democracy, perhaps we GPs should just let them get on with it and give the public the piecemeal service they want? We will always find good doctoring jobs somewhere in the world if the going gets too tough, so I wouldn't loose any sleep over it.

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  • Matthew 23 verse 4. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, or whatever, look this one up. It sums up the Tory attitude to GPs.
    Just in case you don't have a Bible to hand, or can't be bothered it's Jesus saying about the Pharisees: 'They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people's shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.'

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  • The people have spoken. Its time for the GP`s to opt for exit plan from NHS or we will be blamed for all its ills.
    Sometimes people deserve what they get .:>)

    Unlike in many countries , we don't have any people dying on the streets and gutters due to lack of access to healthcare. Unfortunately this is due to change soon.
    The only difference is for BMA/RCGP to define safe workload and let GP`s to see own patients privately so we are not left holding the baby when the brown stuff hits the fan.
    In U.S a primary care physician apparently cannot be insured if he/she sees more than 10 patients in a session (4 hrs). Unless this kind of safe level is defined by BMA/RCGP, we will be hammered by the press.

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  • "perhaps we GPs should just let them get on with it and give the public the piecemeal service they want? "

    Totally agree. Why should we kill ourselves under the banner of the NHS? We will earn more privately!

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  • I am so glad the Conservatives won an outright majority otherwise the contributors to Pulse forums would absolutely nothing to moan about.

    Just imagine, Pulse would have had to fold due to the lack of contributions had Mr Millipede and the Labour Party won a majority!!!!

    They had the answer to a perfect NHS........ didn't they? They did didn't they? please tell me they did...........!!

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  • My impression: the Tories are squeezing General Practice until we go private or go bust. Then, when we privatise through necessity (which is of course what they want) they will publicly criticise us.

    Bottom-line - we're being set up as the fall guy to deliver a Tory privatisation agenda, because the party does not have the political balls to put it to the public themselves!

    (however, I wouldn't have trusted Labour not to do the same)

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  • I am not sure why pulse comments are always full of doom and gloom. The doom and gloom does not help anyone.

    We are still fortunate to be in a profession being paid to look after our patients population. We are paid on the whole well (compared to other public services). Not many of us went in to it with aspirations of Aston Martin's / Ferraris. Most of us can run our household well on our incomes - if we chose to work in areas where living standards are affordable. We also have the benefit of not needing to charge our population for around 90% of the service they receive.

    The tories / labour / lid dem etc. are led by the DOH and Whitehall - the plans for deconstruction and then reconstruction of the NHS / profession is being led from there - it does not matter the banner they wear.

    If we had another colour in - my perception is that they would spend 3-4 years trying to 'undo this terrible top down organisation' this would have been a further total waste of money too. At least with the blues they have no one to blame but themselves.

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  • hunt wil be doing a massive cull of GPS and nurses, he despises them

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