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Lansley removed from Government

Former health secretary Andrew Lansley has been removed from Government in the Coalition reshuffle, with William Hague moving into his position as leader of the House of Commons.

During his term as health secretary Lansley was responsible for the Health and Social Care Act, which abolished PCTs and replaced them with GP-led clinical commissioning groups.

In June 2012 the BMA voted for Mr Lansley to resign, and he was replaced as health secretary by Jeremy Hunt soon after and moved to be leader of the Commons.

The South Cambridgeshire MP’s new role had not been confirmed at time of publication

Readers' comments (9)

  • Odd feeling of wishing he was Health Secretary again (despite him being completely hopeless and all that). His replacement has been many orders of magnitudes worse. Oh the good old days of Andrew Lansley....

    *wistful sigh*

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  • Vinci Ho

    Once a politician , always a politician.
    No sympathy, he was just a toy solider sacrificed for the passing of HSCB.
    Politics is not a game for those with any mercy.....

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  • His pointless reforms have created management and administrative chaos, and had a financial cost. He should be sacked from being an MP let alone from a cushy highly paid Govt job.

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  • Rumour has it hes going off on stress- needs an appt to see GP for sick line but cant get one LOL

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  • Six years as Shadow Secretary of State for Health (19 June 2004 – 11 May 2010) provided the time to develop the detail of NHS reforms. Not quite two and a half years as Sec of State showed just how well they had been developed; so well that the PM had to intervene to limit PR damage.

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  • No top down reoganisation of the NHS- Manifesto.

    Lied to us all. If we lied like that GMC would have us struck off.
    He and Cameron I can never forgive; the nation shouldn't either. Hunt is just a ridiculous puppet trying to show his muscle.
    Our system of government is wrong, 5 years to stamp their mark. Education and Health should be cut free from parliament interference- they are too important to have a politician play with them.

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  • 12:31 spot on. Only problem is as long as government pays they will want control. We have to decide: taxation pays government controls. Compulsory payment, industry controls. Individulal payment, personal control. There is no perfect system

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  • A mixture perhaps 007 ? A small fee like £5 to see the GP. A small charge like £ 15 per hospital day.
    Medical care is free, but why should buildings,heating, lighting, food, cleaning, laundry all be free as well ?

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  • This comment has been removed by the moderator

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