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Scottish Tories pledge to increase general practice share of NHS funding to 10%

Scottish conservative party leader Ruth Davidson has pledged to increase the share of NHS funding received by general practice to 10%.

The Scottish Conservatives called for the SNP government to invest more money in general practice to ‘ensur[e] more patients do not need access to costly secondary care’.

Ms Davidson, who outlined the party’s commitment to general practice at a visit to Southside Surgery in Edinburgh, called for the SNP to adopt a five point strategy for GP services in Scotland:

  • Produce a general practice investment plan alongside the 2017/18 draft budget;
  • Set a target for GP budget share to increase to reach at least 10%by 2020;
  • Set clear GP training and rentention targets;
  • Outline a long-term vision for primary care involving GPs, community nurses, health visitors, mental health professionals and phrarmacists to work in local clusters;
  • Invest in IT and premises.

Conservative shadow health secretary Donald Cameron said: ‘Extra funding for general practice would help us deliver a better local service for people right across Scotland. A GP surgery is quite simply at the frontline of the NHS.

‘We need general practice to do more in our healthcare system. It is only fair that, if we are going to ask them to do more, more of the NHS pot goes their way.’

Commenting on the plan, RCGP Scotland chair Dr Miles Mack, said:

‘RCGP Scotland has been calling for such an approach for almost three years. We have been advocating for the decade’s worth of cuts to the percentage share of NHS Scotland budget that general practice receives to be reversed, through incremental increases, until it reaches 11% of the budget.

’The benefits of that change in trend will be felt throughout the NHS.’

Readers' comments (6)

  • Happy days are here again!!!!
    Yeah right......

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  • Wow, they are prepared to bring the funding back to the level just below what is was 6 years ago? Their generosity brings water to my eyes, long live Scottish GPs!

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  • Would be nice of her to ask this of her own party and to hold them to account, before asking the snp. She. Is unable to lead by example.

    Unfortunately their words are meaningless.

    - anonymous salaried!

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  • A jam tomorrow promise as the Tories wil never be in power in Scotland.
    And is the promise 10% to General Practice or to the nebulous area that is "Primary Care" where GPs never see the money?

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  • Oh I get it!! They're cutting 40% in England so they can create a regime of wealth re-distribution - Robin Hood Robin Hood riding thru the glen, Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his band of men, loved by the poor loathed by the rich Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood bom Pom Pom Pom Pom - Exit Stage Right!!! (Sic)

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  • Dance with the devil

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