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UKIP calls for revalidation and CQC inspections to be halted

The A&E crisis could be eased by reducing the time GPs are having to spend on paperwork, according to UKIP.

The party said it would support reducing working to targets and box-ticking and suggested GP time should not be clogged up with doing appraisals, revalidation, CQC visits or attending CCG meetings.

In a statement, MEP and UKIP spokesperson on health Louise Boers blamed the Labour Party for the ‘tick-box data collection culture’, saying it was ‘no wonder’ some patients were having problems getting a GP appointment.

She also warned GPs work ‘11-13 hour days’ and any more work would lead to GPs getting sick or leaving the profession.

Ms Boers said: ‘Heading instead to A&E is not necessarily the best course of action but people worried about their health, particularly if elderly or with young children, understandably want to be seen sooner rather than later.

‘Just imagine how many more patients could be accommodated if GP’s (sic) across the country were freed from the data collection burden. Most GPs are working 11-13 hour days and simply cannot do any more and extra stress will just lead to them going off sick themselves or leaving the profession.

‘While the emergency crisis continues if GPs were absolved from doing any of the routine work such as attending clinical commissioning group meetings, chronic target-chasing, appraisal work, revalidation, CQC visits etc they could be freed up to see acute emergencies.’

However, Ms Boers also blamed immigration for the pressure A&E departments are facing. She said: ‘With nearly 250,000 new people coming into the country each year our health services are at breaking point and the impact of uncontrolled immigration must not be overlooked as contributing to the crisis.’

The current Government has announced plans to slap a 150% charge on non-EU patients accessing NHS treatment but the BMA has warned this may lead to doctors having to waste time acting as ‘border guards’.

Readers' comments (43)

  • amazing the first politician with insight

    this may be a route for UKIP to get mainstream respectability.. i'm thinking the unthinkable

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  • I believe they are the only political party who seem to understand the real problems that General practitioners have to deal with, Re validation does not improve the service to the patient nor does it make a Gp more knowledgeable or competent. the CQC inspection, patient participation groups,Surveys. These are all unnecessary bureaucratic time wasting the time which the GPs could spend dealing with real clinical issues.

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  • Usually UKIP hit the nail on their own head BUT for a difference have said something correct

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  • If all medics voted ukip (I can't believe I'm saying this as a non caucasian doctor), is there a chance they can make a dent into Whitehall? hmmmm

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  • Spot on UKIP. A lot of this nugatory activity (revalidation, CQC, performers lists, difficulties put in the path of returning GPs etc) which didn't exist twenty years ago it would be a start. There are a lot of recently retired GPs who would, if the regulatory / bureaucratic burden were less, would be available for locum work. Some GPs may even return from down under if all the cr..p with having to retake parts of MRCGP etc etc were removed.

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  • voted for them last election and will do again , the only party that talks common sense!

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  • How could any GP disagree with this.

    However all up and coming organisations do what ever is needed to get your vote. Then reality sets in......check out ISIL / IS / Al Quaeda / Pol Pot / Chairman Mao / Adolf....they all did the same to get your vote, then....

    Mind you what more could we lose, given the way we are treated by Condems, Labour

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  • Hallelujah! I will vote for any party even the Green Communists if they promise to sack the CQC and get it off our backs.

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  • An independent judge led public enquiry into the gross failure of healthcare regulation in this country and the shambles that is the GMC causing a catastrophy in the Medical profession would be most welcome.

    Apparently, UKIP also want to abolish the useless quangos the Deaneries.

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  • Positive words at last .... let's wait and see what the Elections bring and whether words will transform into actions.
    One would hope for the liquidation of a number of quangos run by grey eminencies who have shady or no backgrounds, are never elected but exist due to divine rights although UK is a democracy.

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